Am I insane

If I prefer to leave the insanity of the LES on a Saturday night and go home to clean my apartment?
Nearly went to see Meg at Marfa, but I really wanted to get the subway home and not fork out/fight for a cab home on this freezing night (sorry Mergy). So now I am drinking coffee and continuing on the purge of my apartment. The Salvation Army better be willing to come collect all this crap, because there is no way I am lugging it anywhere.

Interesting revelation of the night was born in my brain while walking against the icy wind. But I'm not going to talk about it here. Thanks Berthy for being right yet again :)

Breakfast at Tiffany's or Roman Holiday? Difficult choice.

Happy happy house

Sometimes I really wonder what people's intentions are around here. Funny things happen at funny times and make me reassess my judgement about certain people. Sometimes I am so disappointed, but sometimes so surprised. Everything balances itself out in the end.

Beth's birthday was on Wednesday and what started off as last minute celebrations turned into an awesome party. I finally met all Beth's friends and am totally in love with them - what a great, down-to-earth and fun crowd they are. So nice to meet so many cool people.

Work has been insane, but at least I eliminated the housing issue I have been having for the past few months. Back rent is nearly all paid off and I am going to renew my lease for another year. Beth and I have been looking into moving to Brooklyn together. The idea is to save money and have a bigger living space... I just like the idea of moving "away" for a while.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with no drama. I am going to meet up with one of Marc's friends for coffee after work as I shall be DJing her conference after-party (exciting!) and then will go to feed Meg's cat Schmoose. Then maybe go see Eric before Darkroom becomes Friday night packed and then probably home. I have Luna to cuddle and a lot of movies to watch!


Time Out

One week down, and one real night out with only soda and cran. I made it through sitting at my two usual bars, on probably the most annoying night of the year (ie fratboy central, or Dec 27th). All of my friends are really supportive, except for one person who started making an obsession out of it. "Why aren't you drinking?" "Why are you sitting at a bar and drinking WATER?!". Um, because I WANT to?! To cut a long story short all I have to say is, yes I will not be getting black out drunk and going home with you tonight. Or ever again! Because you just proved to me that your maturity level is way lower than I even dared to think it was. Out of my life. NOW!!!!! Sobriety is a good way to weed out all those non-friends from your life. I must say that this week Tracy and Harry showed me even more than usual how good a friends they are to me. I love them.

I'm at my mum's with Beth until tomorrow. I just went to the mall with Karli - two hours was enough for me, especially when some Disney radio show started its broadcast. I'm a city girl through and through, but I love the fact that my mum lives right by the ocean, with phenomenal views and complete peace and quiet. A gorgeous house surrounded by water, stars at night, and wildlife. Named "Rehab Central" by my mum :)

I'm putting Operation H (Rockstar 2) into effect. Something dawned on my cloudless mind this week. No more men who use me like trash, or who just don't appreciate me the way I should be, or need to be. So I shall be single until someone who meets H's potential comes along. I just don't want to even think about H himself cos I just wouldn't dare to believe that could happen.