I like to work on stories that span across the world, sometimes in collaboration with others. Here are some features that I have worked on over the past few years. 

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Immigration Stories

Back in 2016 when the US Presidential race started kicking off I was motivated to write about my own immigration story and share those of other's. The collection continues to grow, and I am always looking for new stories to add. Everyone's story deserves to be heard, no matter where you are from and how you arrived in the country where you reside.

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Travel and Places

A few years ago I started to write my travel memories, stories of all of the different places I have been and the adventures I have had. This is an ongoing collection of work, including places I have lived.


I sometimes write short stories... They tend to have a common theme and often have some autobiographical element to them. They will be published as a collection at some point in the near future but in the meantime they can be found here.