Down by the ocean, a love affair with the Pacific Ocean and Monterey.

Memories of Poland in the late 1980's. 

Falling in love with Barcelona

One night on a felucca in Egypt

Living on Kibbutz Evron in Israel.

Sassenage, a little village by the mountains.

Orchard between Houston and Stanton in NYC.

The Beach: An Ongoing Love Story.

A story of India in 1993.

New York, I love you.

The Tales of Flushing in NYC.

Autumn in Northern California.

Working on the kibbutz.

Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

The Rockaways in NYC.

August in Grenoble, France.

Roosevelt Island in NYC.

Bushwick Street Art in NYC.

Coney Island in NYC.

Memphis and Nashville in 2013.

Montego Bay, Jamaica in 2013.

From Milan to Rome, via Venice and Florence.

European Cities in the Winter.

What You Need to Pack for a Trip to the Caribbean

A Culinary Trek Through Queens

Here is your guide to the Lake Louise Area

Finally arriving in Dahab, Egypt


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