Happy happy house

Sometimes I really wonder what people's intentions are around here. Funny things happen at funny times and make me reassess my judgement about certain people. Sometimes I am so disappointed, but sometimes so surprised. Everything balances itself out in the end.

Beth's birthday was on Wednesday and what started off as last minute celebrations turned into an awesome party. I finally met all Beth's friends and am totally in love with them - what a great, down-to-earth and fun crowd they are. So nice to meet so many cool people.

Work has been insane, but at least I eliminated the housing issue I have been having for the past few months. Back rent is nearly all paid off and I am going to renew my lease for another year. Beth and I have been looking into moving to Brooklyn together. The idea is to save money and have a bigger living space... I just like the idea of moving "away" for a while.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with no drama. I am going to meet up with one of Marc's friends for coffee after work as I shall be DJing her conference after-party (exciting!) and then will go to feed Meg's cat Schmoose. Then maybe go see Eric before Darkroom becomes Friday night packed and then probably home. I have Luna to cuddle and a lot of movies to watch!