Churches - photos

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Churches - 1, a set on Flickr.

Last week I decided to go out and walk around Manhattan, taking photos of some of the beautiful churches that are hidden between the skyscrapers... I made a list of a few that i wanted to go to, and came across some other hidden gems along the way.
Mostly exteriors, because I don't always feel comfortable taking shots inside churches for some reason. I still have to be a little more confident in what I can actually do. Working on it...

This will probably be a work in progress as there are others I need to visit and photograph.

As always, I lit candles at St Patrick's. This year one for my dad, one for Dot and one for Mirek.

This week's playlist

It's Monday again, and before I can start concentrating on work I need to get this in. Some old, some new:

1). Thought Forms - Dust Magic
2). Glasvegas - Lots Sometimes
3). The Black Angels - Entrance Song
4). The Rolling Stones - Shine A Light
5). The Bull and the Butterfly - December Beach
6). Portishead - Mysterons
7). Morcheeba - Crimson
8). Cathedral - Ebony Tears
9). Esben & the Witch - Hexagons IV
10). Pulp - Glory Days

"Supersonic overdrive"