With Spring Comes Hope

“That Friday I went around in a haze, lying on the grass in the middle of Washington Square Park, trying to fathom the idea of having a child, and then raising said child. I stopped smoking and drinking that very day, and surprisingly enough it was easy. I mean REALLY easy. No nicotine withdrawal, no crankiness, no nothing. Just the knowledge that there was a little me growing right inside of me. For the next 10 days it still didn’t feel real. I told a few people close to me, but that was it, my little munchkin was going to remain a secret until I was ready for the world to know about it.”

With Spring Comes Hope is an honest journey into motherhood and beyond, a collection of essays spanning over the space of nearly four years, on pregnancy, birth, parenting, motherhood, fears, challenges and that unconditional love that just grows and grows. A portrayal of deepest thoughts and fears, beauty and life: it is a never-ending journey, a story without an end.

With Spring Comes Hope is now available for purchase in print and ebook format on your local Amazon website, as well as B&N.com.