Sample 3 - Corporate/Tech

One huge pro of the iPad POS is the flexibility. You are not stuck to a register area. You can ring up sales or take orders from anywhere in the store or restaurant/bar. During a busy lunch rush you can quickly swipe a customer’s card and have them pay their check at the table, probably shaving off about 5 minutes of wait time. You can literally access your POS directly from anywhere in the world, as long as you have that internet access of course. Flexible and efficient!

Another pro would definitely that there are a less risks of losing your data than you would have when you use a traditional POS system, residing on servers within your store. All data syncs with the cloud, automatically, and can be accessed whenever, from anywhere. While a hard drive can fail, the cloud won’t let you down.

The potential cost savings compared to the purchase and installation of a full traditional POS are another one to consider. You may have to pay a monthly fee, but your upfront set-up costs will most likely be less. Most traditional POS systems charge for customer service which they know you will need to use at some point (when your whole system crashes during a busy service, for example). Most iPad POS systems just need a quick reboot and you are all set to go ahead again, and often provide free or low cost customer service you can contact in a bind.

And then there are the other, maybe not as important but still there, pros to take into account: you can become more environmental friendly with the option of emailing receipts rather than printing them; there are iPad POS systems you can use that will automatically sync to your online store, updating inventory on the fly; and esthetically the iPad is small and sleek, and easy to hide away so that it doesn’t take up any room.

Of course, after reading the above you are probably thinking “why haven’t I already made the switch” and are planning on running to the store to purchase a couple of iPads while searching iTunes for POS apps. Before you make any rash decisions, do please refer to the below, the reverse side of the coin. Nothing is ever perfect, not even that ever-growing cloud in the sky.