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Football season is back in full swing and that means everyone is looking for a good tailgate party. While you can pregame it up in the parking lot, hosting a tailgate at home in your apartment is a great way to enjoy the game with friends without taking your Patriots slippers off. If you live close enough to the stadium you can just start the party off at home before going to the game, but you can also just tailgate your way through the entire game at home.

Who’s coming?

Remember that you want to have enough people to create a party atmosphere, but not too many that that space and seating becomes an issue! Create a guest list and allow for room, that way people can always bring a friend along without any hassle. Get people to wear their team’s jersey and work up some friendly competition and maybe even some amicable wagers.

The main staple

You can’t have a tailgate party without a solid representation of food and drink. There are many different ways to approach these items and it doesn’t have to all be on your plate either. You are obviously not going to be having a four course sit down dinner, so plan on having food around that people can serve themselves with and that can sit for a few hours without losing its tastiness. Plan easily accessible finger foods such as wings, burgers or pizza, and make sure that there are bowls of chips, dip and candy around as they are always going to be a hit. You also don’t have to make everything yourself from scratch – there are plenty of affordable caterers around who can whip up anything from a tray of buffalo wings to a tower of sports-themed cupcakes. You can also outsource the food planning to your friends or even hold a potluck. Just make sure you have more than enough paper plates, disposable utensils and napkins.

The lowdown on beverages

Stock up on coolers and ice, and place them around the apartment. This will make it easy for guests to grab a drink wherever they are, but it will also ensure people aren’t piling into the kitchen every time there is a timeout. Basically imagine how you would set up your tailgate in the parking lot and do the same at home. You should have enough water and soda to go around, and stock up on whatever you and your guests usually drink during a game. You can also make your party BYOB, which will make sure everyone has something that they like to drink.

The center stage

A tailgate party isn’t going to be any fun without something to actually watch the game on! While a large screen TV is a must, having a few extra screens around the apartment can only enhance the experience for your guests. No one wants to have to keep ducking behind people to see an epic pass, so making sure that everyone has a clear vision of the game at all times makes for a great atmosphere. You are basically looking to recreate the sports bar ambiance without all of the crowds and the wait.


No need to break the bank on decorations: you can easily find tablecloths, plates and cups with your favorite team’s logos on them, and if you are aiming for some friendly competition between friends mix it up with opposing team colors, including pom-poms and shakers for an added pop of color and noise.

As you can see there is no need to wait for the Superbowl to host a football-themed party, a tailgate party can easily be held at home, even at a last minute’s notice!