Here are some samples of content that I have written for clients in several areas (corporate/tech, parenting, travel, journalism/research articles, finance, real estate, etc). Please click on each sample for access to the full article. 

Corporate/Tech 1:

"While there are quite a few mature EDM systems on the market, the challenge still remains in making sure that you choose one that not only functions well with your existing systems and business processes, but that also follows all legal and compliant document management and archiving standards. Another point to remember is that the digital market is evolving at such a rapid rate that any chosen system needs to be flexible enough to adapt and evolve with all types of changes, whether they be within a business, or with technology uses in general. In addition to this, government standards also change over time, and a system needs to adapt to these changes."

Corporate/Tech 2:

"Consumers are looking towards innovation to continue to make their lives easier, mainly by reducing the time spent at checkout. While there have been many changes in recent years, 45% of shoppers still find that they are spending too much time checking out. A whopping 52% would like to see more innovations when it comes to loyalty programs, and 40% would still like faster delivery. While companies have been focusing on mobile applications and in-store enhancements, they still need to take heed of what the consumers are looking for, and enhance their customer experiences in ways that will continue to make their lives easier."

Corporate/Tech 3:

"One huge pro of the iPad POS is the flexibility. You are not stuck to a register area. You can ring up sales or take orders from anywhere in the store or restaurant/bar. During a busy lunch rush you can quickly swipe a customer’s card and have them pay their check at the table, probably shaving off about 5 minutes of wait time. You can literally access your POS directly from anywhere in the world, as long as you have that internet access of course. Flexible and efficient!"

Journalism 1:

"It’s all over the news: Weinstein, Spacey, the president, the #metoo campaign, and people speaking up and speaking out about sexual harassment, assault, and violence. Now is the time to not only talk about what continues to be normalized behavior in our society but also to talk about how we can make REAL change. As parents we talk about looking for signs of abuse, and preventing abuse, but how can we actually help our children see and know the signs of danger? How can we also help our children to NOT become perpetrators of assault and harassment?"

Journalism 2: 

"We should be very concerned that the racial disparity between black and white infant deaths is wider than it was in 1850, only a few years after the abolition of slavery. We should be very concerned that black women are three or four times more likely than white women to die from childbirth related causes. In 2014 the US was asked by the UN Committee in the Elimination of Racial Discrimination to address the causes of this racial disparity in maternal deaths, and still today no real steps have been taken to push for change. Non-profit doula collectivescertain senators and congresspeople, and other regional or state-wide entitiesare working tirelessly to lower the racial disparity, but as long as we don’t see this as the human rights issue that it is, those 44 deaths per 100,000 will not go down."  

Journalism 3: 

"Why does it seem that certain sports seem to normalize unhealthy behaviors? Survivors often find themselves harshly judged and blamed, while the athlete appears to get off with a mere slap on the wrist. This is not always the case of course, although the conviction rate of athletes as opposed to non-athletes ­is much lower according to certain studiesThere has to be a way to use the sports platform to make real change when it comes dealing with domestic violence crimes. And we are all responsible for how this can play out: the athlete, the sports organization, and those of us who support the sport and turn a blind eye when it comes to game results over crime and abuse."

Travel 1:

"I had no issues with the food in Barcelona, it was easy to order, there was a lot to choose from even for vegetarians and most food I ate was delightfully fresh and well prepared, and super cheap. I LOVE tapas, always have, and love how they make eating out super easy and fun. And Spanish tortilla is just fabulous – who doesn’t love eggs and potatoes anyway?! I think my favourite meal of both trips was lunch in a simple restaurant not far from the Plaça de Catalunya, tucked away in a side street, 3 courses for less than 10 Euro, plat du jour (or Spanish equivalent) that contained a vegetarian option for each course, fresh juices and delicious desserts. It reminded me of how important it is to take time for each meal, relax and enjoy the food and company."

Travel 2: 

"The local art scene is also booming. Just recently Sacramento held a 10-day mural festival, where artists from all over the world completed 40 murals around the city. The aptly named Wide Open Walls 916 festival expanded the city’s love of murals and street art. Keeping within the food theme, local artist Jeremy Stanger painted a large Farm-to-Fork mural along Folsom Blvd. This mural is colorful proof of the vibrant growth of the Sacramento restaurant industry, blending the creativity of the city’s large collective of artists and chefs together as one growing community."

Real Estate 1:

"Just steps away from Place Centrale, Chalet Carya combines the authentic feel of a traditional Alpine chalet with cozy, luxurious furnishings. The open plan living area has an inviting stone fire place, creating additional warmth. The reclaimed wood walls and cupboards in the living room and kitchen provide a rustic atmosphere to the home. The large mirrors and wall-mounted taps in the en-suite bathrooms create a spa-like atmosphere. Reclaimed wood is also featured in the bathrooms, continuing the natural design flow from the common areas. The two bedrooms are furnished with soft, grey bed throws and cushions, for extra coziness."

Real Estate 2:

"A tailgate party isn’t going to be any fun without something to actually watch the game on! While a large screen TV is a must, having a few extra screens around the apartment can only enhance the experience for your guests. No one wants to have to keep ducking behind people to see an epic pass, so making sure that everyone has a clear vision of the game at all times makes for a great atmosphere. You are basically looking to recreate the sports bar ambiance without all of the crowds and the wait."

Real Estate 3:

"Just like a regular rental you will sign a contract, a lease, with the property owner. This contract is usually set for two or three years and will stipulate all of the terms and conditions that both parties agree to. You may also be required to pay an option fee (2-8% of the property’s market value) upfront that will ensure you maintain first choice on the property once your contract is up. Your monthly rental fee also includes a predetermined percentage that the owner will place in an escrow account. This amount will go towards your downpayment on the house if you decide to purchase (and will usually be lost if you don’t). Typically all of the fees are worked out with the owner based on the current market value of the property. This price is then locked in and will be the price you pay for the property at the end of your rental contract (minus any monies you have paid along the way)."

Music 1:

"Aftershock has become the Northern California autumn go to for rockers of all ages, guaranteed to cater to the most purist of metalhead to your most laid back hippie. There is literally always at least one band that no one wants to miss, a few old favorites, a ton of new favorites, as well as a good bunch of up and coming bands. This year’s line-up didn’t disappoint, with A Perfect Circle and Nine Inch Nails headlining the Saturday and Five Finger Death Punch and Ozzy Osbourne the Sunday. "

Music 2: 

"For me it is all about what you can bring, as an artist, to an existing piece of work. There are millions of artists out there, millions of musicians, but it takes something extra special, on top of hard work, perseverance and talent to really make a difference. I see it as some sort of magical touch, a way to make your instrument (musical or other) sing in its own special, original way. What struck me with Ang Li is that when she plays, she plays with her entire being. Not just an accurate interpretation, not even just a passionate piece. Every time she plays she puts her all into her music – it’s all there, you just need to listen to how she plays certain pieces to hear how she wants us to see and hear the music. And that is something special."

Blog - Parenting:

"Over the past few years there has been an emergence in popularity of the subscription box, items varying from beauty samples to organic snacks, and children’s interests haven’t been left by the wayside. There is a large amount of boxes available for kids, but they are not all equal in price or content. To avoid the hassle of browsing through all of the different options available we have created a list of the 5 best boxes on the market. The main idea is the same for all boxes: every month, for a small fee, you receive a box containing different educational activities, toys, products or crafts, often in the form of a monthly theme, geared towards specific age groups. There is usually an element of surprise with each box, which really adds to the appeal!"

Blog - Finance:

"It’s high time that the traditional incubator starts looking for new ways to incentivize entrepreneurs by shaking up their program and offering added value. Why are we not seeing incubators offering additional services to their tenants? Both incubator and tenant are looking to make a long-term profit off a mutual agreement, and incubators seem to have forgotten this. Instead of providing a set formula of services for each tenant, why not offer a package that is catered more towards the tenants’ needs? For example, partner up with software companies such as QuickBooks, SalesForce, or Hubspot and offer discounted package deals. It’s a win/win for everyone involved, and sets the entrepreneur off on the right foot. A sturdy foundation is key for any startup, and this type of partnership can only provide added incentives for startups to succeed."

Blog - Non-Profit: 

"Verbal abuse doesn’t just tend to happen out of nowhere in a relationship. It’s a lot more calculating and insidious, causing people on the receiving end to question themselves, wondering if they are overreacting, or even to blame. Verbal abuse comes in all sorts of different forms, following a pattern that isn’t always easy to discern when you are in the thick of things. People often don’t even realize that what they are going through is considered abuse, and verbal abuse is mentally just as damaging as any other form of abuse."

Parenting 1:

"With the US being one of the leading economies in the “developed” world, it’s quite surprising that there are no policies in place to give parents the time to bond with their children, heal from childbirth (women), and generally just spend time with their children before returning to the workplace. How is it possible that other countries are able to provide this? What are the national policies like in other countries in comparison? I have done some research on a few other countries to see what the deal is there."