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With Spring Comes Hope

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Staffwriter at Mamazou, Member of the One Love Writers Corps, and Featured Blogger on Moms Pump Here.

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Unlearning Unhealthy Communication Behaviors

How To Model Healthy Communication Behaviors For Your Children

11 Common Patterns of Verbal Abuse

4 Ways You Can Help Your Toddler Establish Healthy Relationship Practices

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Voice Assistant... What's That?

How To Complete An Alexa Design

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Technical, B2B, B2C, Fashion, HR, Real Estate, Finance, Lifestyle... Extensive experience, examples and references available on request.

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    Published articles available on: Mamazou, Motherhood and More, Bad Mum Magazine, Womb'n Wellness, La Leche League, and more. Examples and references available on request.

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    Published reviews, interviews, and thought pieces available on request. Please contact me if you would like me to review your work!

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