Photography: Back To Film

Yellow Lily
Walking down the hill
Waiting to be fed
Two Pink Lilies
Stark Morning
Split beach & water
Smiling Flowers
San Francisco house
Sailing Boat
Rock and Bay
Red gladioli
Purple Head
Pink Rose
Pink Lily
Open your arms
Look out
Japantown SF
Golden Gate under fog

Back To Film

, a set on Flickr.

It had been a while since I picked up the old Canon AE-1 and took it out for a stroll, mainly due to the fact that I can't always afford to develop film nowadays, and I probably won't again for a while after this... This is a collection of photos taken last year and over the last few days, taken from three rolls of film.

Grainy, overexposed, direct sunlight, colourful, portraits, candid shots, water, flowers, people, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe... For some reason I ended up with a few images that are split, containing half of the first frame and half of the second. Although not purposely, I know exactly what I did to make this happen, and they actually ended up looking pretty cool, so I may try it again sometime.  The best surprise was the picture of Charlie and Deej, taken last year when

Thought Forms

were on tour with Portishead - I had totally forgotten I had taken it!