Ramblings & Photography: Luna Marlena's Fourth Month

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A couple of days ago I placed Luna down on her back on her playmat in the living room so that I could go and make myself some breakfast. I put the coffee and toast on and came back to check in on her about 3 minutes later and there she was, happily gurgling away on her tummy. I can't believe I missed it! She's been rolling over from her tummy to her back for a while (when she feels like it), but never the other way round. I guess she's only going to do things when I'm not looking now!

Luna has been hitting most growth spurts and "leaps" (as described in The Wonder Weeks app) pretty much on target. They used to last about 3/4 days in general, with periods of constant nursing, frequent waking up and then a day of mainly sleep. This one is a lot different... For the past two weeks we have been in an extreme phase of sleep regression, where it's back to where we were during the first month. Granted Luna has never slept through the night and has never been a big napper, but there have been days recently when she has napped for 20 minutes at the most during the day, and then woken up every 1/2 hours at night. I decided that we might as well try to transition her to the crib at the same time (this is going to take weeks though). The crib is in our room (even if we had the room I wouldn't be comfortable having her anywhere else but in our room), but she still wakes up more often than in the swing. One day... In any case, we seem to be coming to the tail end of this spurt now (I hope). At some point I really hope we can get it down to one or two feedings at night and a good couple of hours of naps during the day.

We won't know how much she has grown in the last month until we go to her four month appointment on Tuesday, but I'm assuming she is well over 14 lbs now, seeing as she was nearly there last month at her cardiologist appointment. It's wonderful to see how fast she is growing as this is a good indication that her CHD is not affecting her! Her 3 month clothes are now getting too tight and she's mainly in 3-6 and some 6 month sizes. And I ordered a size up in diapers for this month's box (size 3 now) - she still fits in size 2's, but I don't think she will in a few weeks and I don't want to waste any. Speaking of that, I really must get a move on with figuring out cloth diapers. Now that I am staying at home AND we have have moved to a point where we use 5-8 diapers a day it definitely makes more sense. I have no problem with laundering them myself.

We had absolutely wonderful visits from my mother and then from my brother and sister in law this past month. My mother hadn't seen Luna since she was a week and a half old, and my brother and sister in law had never met her! We went to check out the Botanical Gardens in Flushing with my mother (next time maybe we will finally make it to the Unisphere). Dylan and Lacy stayed with us for 5 days and were such a tremendous help - they literally wouldn't let me do anything while they were here, diapers were changed, dinners were cooked and I even ran out to get a pedicure with Meg for an hour. It's still very hard for me to leave Luna even for a few minutes. People keep telling me it's healthy to take breaks, but I honestly am not comfortable leaving her. That's not to say that I don't trust anyone with her, I do, but I just don't like being apart from her! I'm sure it will come to a point when I would like to go and do something for a few hours, but for now it's fine like this! She is usually asleep by 8pm, so I have time in the evening to write, read, cook and clean, and that's fine by me.

I've found that now Luna can grab things and move around quite a bit she is much happier spending time on her playmat and also in her bouncy chair. By "moving around quite a bit" I don't mean REALLY moving around, just that she has this ability to move all over her mat without ever seeming like she moves, like she scoots around slowly on her back. It's really funny! I know she isn't rolling around because she only does that once in a while, usually in the morning just to show me she can do it. Anyway, she has been joining me in the kitchen this afternoon to help me in my cooking healthy meals on a budget from scratch experiments. I do nearly everything in the slow cooker - just prep time and chuck everything in it. Most things come out pretty well, and it makes cooking dry beans, peas and lentils really easy. 

I still pump milk once a day to save it for a rainy day (or to donate as I did with half of the stash that I had built up in my freezer), and Luna only ever had to have a bottle back when she was 5 weeks old and Cesar gave her some pumped milk while I was at the doctor. So I decided last week that Cesar should try to give her a bottle right after I pumped it. No go. He tried again after I left the room. Nope. She spat it out just as she does with the pacifier. We are going to start introducing solids on the later side (6 or 7 months), and VERY slowly (probably one item a week), and I am planning on breastfeeding way past her first birthday, and unless something out of the ordinary happens she won't need to take a bottle. So we decided to just leave it and go straight to the transition sippy cup when the time comes. I guess there are a few things that you just learn across the way... I have no idea why we never had Cesar take one of the night feedings, especially as he doesn't get home from work until 3am! Next time :)

We finally made it to the beach! Dylan and Lacy joined us and we made it into a big family outing to Coney Island. Cesar held Luna while she dipped her feet in the ocean and her expression was priceless! She wasn't too happy about the freezing water! We bought two umbrellas and stayed out of the sun, and Luna even napped for an hour, which is better than anything she usually does. Actually she napped more on that day than she ever does! There are some days that I wish we had a car, as for outings like this it would be so much easier. I would love to go to the Rockaways before the end of the summer, but that would require even more time on the subway, and I think we reached our limit with Coney Island. I was a little worried about sunburn (Luna, not myself) as her skin is so very pale, and she's too young and sensitive to use sunblock (the baby ones are for 6+ months and the only time I put a little on her face she got a rash), but she was fine (and I got a sunburn on my back, because I was wearing a dress and didn't think about protecting my skin). I had told myself that I wouldn't be subjecting anyone to myself in a bathing suit this year (and I kept that promise), but I did realise once we were there that I had nothing to be afraid of. So maybe I will go out and get a nice new bathing suit for our next trip!

As we now move into our fifth month, hopefully past this first sleep regression, and  into a time of new milestones and steps I am beginning to plan little outings that Luna will appreciate more at this age. Library visits to read and listen to stories, zoos and butterfly gardens and play dates and walks in the parks, maybe even a swimming class for us both. I miss the water. I want Luna to see the New York City that I have love for so many years, especially if we do make a move to California in the near future. Beaches in the autumn and sunsets on the waterfront and trips on the Staten Island ferry and walks around the LES in the early evening during the week. Oh, and Kati rolls in Washington Square Park!

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