"I spent many years wondering this, yearning for somewhere else, nostalgic, homesickness just another part of my everyday emotional pool. I put my hands in, try to wash it away but there she is, wrapped around the reflection of the New York skyline or the Vercors mountain range. I close my eyes and there it is, my old boulangerie, the smell of freshly baked baguette right there in my nose. Or sometimes it is the bar on Orchard Street, the sounds in the walls when you walk through the doors, cool air, dried glass rings, the comforting smell of old beer that never goes away. Other times it is the churchyard in England, moss-covered tombstones, and names that have long since been forgotten by most."


The word "home" may conjure up one place, multiple places, a person, a feeling, or a bit of all of those. For some people home may be something they constantly seek, for others a place they have never left. In her first collection of poems Jade Anna Hughes explores the intricate desire to find the missing pieces that constitute her home through the years, settling on the soft and hard voices that whisper songs in her ears to guide her.

Home is a collection of poems written between 2000 and 2017 and available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the US, and Amazon in Europe.