Hope and Action (Hope vs. Action?)

NYC, London, Sacramento, over the past decade. So many more where these came from, so many more that are still waiting to be taken.

“It appears to be the same rotten old wheel that keeps this country churning:

Oppression, hatred, cruelty, and fear.

We are hanging in there, tiptoeing around, then suddenly jumping full force

With our Doc Martens into the middle of it.

It’s either hide in the shadows and hope for the best or be the change you want to be for your children.

It won’t happen for us, but we can do it for the next generations.

If we don’t maintain some kind of semblance of hope there wouldn’t be any point in living anymore.

So hope pushes us forward, but reality makes it clear that Hope alone won’t save the day.

And if we don’t fight then we are no more than cowards really.

This world is so much bigger than a bar, a city, a country.

This world is so much bigger than the individual.”

(Excerpt from a work in progress with a working name of “Belonging”. It may or may not see the day).