Ramblings: Spiritualized again...

I should have finished this well over a month ago, but as usual, I started something with the aim to finish it “at some point”. Thankfully it’s not a review of the show that took place on September 10th at Webster Hall, just some ramblings about sharing music with my unborn baby…

Everything I do nowadays has a “We” to it as opposed to just an “I”. For example, I am not just hungry (make that absolutely starving as if I may collapse hungry) in the morning when I wake up; no “We” are hungry and “We” must eat right away. Little Munchie has taken over my life in the most magical of ways and I will never again see myself as a person alone in the world. It’s amazing. Anyway, the point of all this is that I am now sharing absolutely everything in my life with my unborn child, one of the most obvious things being my love for music. I haven’t been to anywhere near as many shows as I would like this year, but that didn’t stop me from looking forward to seeing Spiritualized when one of my dearest friends bought us tickets as soon as they went on sale this year. I didn’t know I was pregnant then, but I did before we went and it felt so good to think that my child was going to witness the live performance of one of my favourite bands before he or she was even born. 

There are some bands or musicians with whom you have a really intense relationship, one that holds you so hard that sometimes you need to take a step back to reevaluate, just to come back loving them even more. That’s my relationship with Spiritualized. I have seen them many a time over the years, at different venues in NYC, been around them with friends in different locations in the city, and have never ceased to be entranced during each performance, tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. There are some bands and musicians you go to see just for the live music, others you prefer to stay away from as they are just better recorded. And then there are those bands that you want all of: recorded, live, live recordings, conversations, everything. That special music that you will never tire of, will bore your children to death with until they, at a certain age, will appreciate your love for them and may even start to love them too. I have a list of bands and musicians that little Munchie is going to have to listen to over and over again and will probably hate for some years (some on this list are actually musicians that my mother had me listen to before I was even born, so I am just continuing a trend over the generations). In any case, Spiritualized is on this list and I am so happy that I was able to experience one of their performances with my unborn child.

"If you feel lonely and the worlds against you, take the long way home, past the scary jesus, and you'll find my door with your name in diamonds, and you'll feel lonely no more" - So Long You Pretty Things  

A list of random Spiritualized-related memories in no special order (just the order in which they come to mind when I am thinking about the band or listening to the music in some form or another): dancing round and round to Come Together with Hannah at Terminal 5 back in 2009; running late to the show at Radio City Music Hall with Meg but not missing anything due to the disco ball falling from the ceiling a few minutes before the band came on stage (and therefore being yet another narrow escape for Jason Pierce); listening to Death Take Your Fiddle with Meg on repeat for days before marching (stumbling?) off to Darkroom for another night of the same non-adventures; playing Broken Heart on repeat for days and days on end to constantly remind myself that my broken heart wasn’t the only one in the world; receiving a signed copy of Sweet Heart Sweet Light in the post out of the blue from a friend in England; the way hearing Stop Your Crying will always bring tears to my eyes, every single time; reconnecting with old and special friends I haven’t seen in a while at a show, and not feeling like anything had really changed over the months of not speaking to each other; dancing with my now-deceased and very, very special cat Luna to Ladies and Gentlemen in its entirety the moment work got too stressful… Music, friendship, memories, connections, love, anger, happiness and pain. Spiritualized embodies all of that and more for me.

Other bands/musicians on this list are of course The Cure, Marianne Faithfull, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Stevie Nicks, Tim Buckley, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Nirvana, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, PJ Harvey… And so on…

Music: The Raveonettes - Observator

You know how there are so many bands that release an amazing first and/or second album, and then you lose interest in them? Or those old bands that have an amazing repertoire of music, but sounded much better 10 or 20 or 30 years ago? I could give you a list of them that would go on for ages, including even some of my favourite bands that I feel I have been listening to my whole life. The Raveonettes are the exact opposite for me – every time they release a new album I find it even better than the last one. The latest, Observator, released back in September, is absolutely brilliant.

The Raveonettes have always been one of my main NYC loves, and Pretty in Black, released early 2005, was one of the first albums that I purchased just after I moved to NYC. I remember strolling into Tower Records on Broadway (I’m still sad that it doesn’t exist anymore), listening to it on one of those listening stations and taking it away with me. Those were the days when I didn’t really know anyone in the city and spent my free time walking around the streets and hanging out in record and book shops. I love the mix of Jesus and Mary Chain-style tunes with 50’s-style rock and Motown sounds combined with lyrics that are often darker than you would expect, especially in the more poppier songs. I‘ve seen them live many times and they never disappoint.

In any case, this latest album just knocked their previous album, Raven in the Grave, off my obsession list. It’s darker and dronier (don’t know if that is a word, but it’s the only one that actually says what I want it to say), and also sadder than other albums they have released. It corresponds perfectly with my mind set at the moment, and actually paradoxically lifts me up and makes me feel happier. The lyrics are spot on in all of the songs. I wish I could play it on a loop all night at work tonight, but I don’t think that’s possible, so I will just listen to it again all day today…

“I saw it you and me in time apart
I get a shiver from broken hearts
I like the sun when it don't shine
I make it hard on anyone
So many restless souls
I don't wanna be young and cold
I don't wanna be young and cold”
From Young and Cold