Run For Congo Women - accomplished!

What a wonderful way to start a Saturday morning! Even though the F train wasn't running uptown from Delancey and I had to cab it in the end (no thanks to the MTA for NOT updating their website), I still made it in loads of time and was super happy to see my old colleagues Andrea, Lily, Jay, Matt and Marisa, who had signed up to join my team a while back. Matt runs marathons, so even though I tried to keep up with him, I ended up telling him to leave me behind, because I have a medium pace, but not as fast as his! I ended up doing 3.7 miles (which I think is more than a 5K) in just under 40 minutes, so not bad really!
We raised nearly $500 which is great too!

This was my first charity run, and I'm so happy to have raised money for a charity that means a lot to me. Please check out the link below and sponsor a woman in one of the war torn countries listed if you can.

Now to find the next run!

Women for Women
Run For Congo Women

Run for Congo Women in September

I read Lisa Shannon's book about how she came about founding the the Run For Congo races, A Thousand Sisters, earlier this year and have been waiting for an opportunity to do one of the races myself. The plight of Congolese women is very dear to my heart, and this is a great way of raising funds to help them. I already sponsor a Congolese woman through Women For Women International (an amazing organisation developed to help women survivors of war to rebuild their lives), with whom Lisa worked to create a worldwide network of races, so I'm excited to say that I will be running my first sponsored race in a little over a month!

I will be running a 5k on Sept 24th, around Roosevelt Island. More information HERE.
If you would like to sponsor me and donate towards the cause, please visit my personal event page here: Jade Hughes' Fundraising Page

If anyone would like to join me in this run, or even just come watch I would be so happy. Just let me know :)