The Kills 10 Year Anniversary show - Terminal 5 NYC, 02/11/2012

I LOVE The Kills. I don't think I have missed one of their shows in NYC over the past 5 years, and I honestly think that they just get better and better with every album and every tour. It makes me so happy that they have become SO big over the past few years, selling out Terminal 5 and playing to a super diverse crowd. So many super excited teenagers in the front rows that were singing along to every single word, and little Allison Mosshart lookalikes with their wigs and happy smiles. I love that the kids love them as much as the adults - so much better than idolising any of that manufactured crap playing everywhere. From my spot just above the stage I could see so many happy faces, and this just made the show even better for me.

Anyway, as always they delivered a fantastic performance, adding 4 drummers to about half of the songs on the setlist, all dressed up as old-school gangsters and lit up through the drumkits. The beats sounded fucking amazing, a super powerful sound. I can still feel it resonating through my body. On top of playing many of my favourites, they also did a great rendition of Patsy Cline's Crazy, stripped down, with just Jamie Hince and Allison Mosshart sitting at the front of the stage, singing and playing for the crowd of fans. Awesome. Seriously awesome.

Can't wait to see them again, and see them go through 10 more years of awesomeness!

Thanks Kerry <3

MTV also streamed the concert live HERE
The Kills official website HERE

My Chemical Romance - Terminal 5 - NYC 04/23/2011

Sometimes there are bands that you love that everyone thinks you should hate. Either they are too "young", too popular, too mainstream, too emo, too boring, too whatever. I don't really care. Music to me is not about being "cool" or "hip", it's about FEELING. If a song makes you feel any kind of emotion then it's done it's job - made you FEEL. In my opinion that is what any type of art does - makes you feel, think, create, form thoughts in your mind...

Anyway, I will probably delve into the above more on a different post (but in the meantime, you can read my mum's great post in the same vein HERE). Let me get to my point... I love My Chemical Romance. Dana gave me two tickets to see them here for my Christmas present, but I ended up going alone, as I didn't know anyone else who liked them (I gave the other ticket to a kid outside - hopefully I made him happy!). I think it was probably best I went alone, because I was really able to enjoy it without anyone bothering me, or talking to me, or wanting to leave. I enjoyed the show because they are great performers, but especially because their fans love them SO much. It's amazingly heartwarming... And lastly because MCR tend to have shown their faces at three important points of my life, and in the end will always remind me of where I was and where I am now.

Three Cheers For My Sweet Revenge: randomly picked it up when I lived in London early 2005 and couldn't get enough of it, continued to listen to it a lot the first few months I lived in NYC... Reminds me of feeling at home but out of place, in both countries, finding my footing, getting over F., feeling completely free...

The Black Parade: quite a dark part of my life. Doing things I didn't want to control, losing my own control, feeling tied down and helpless, dark, dark thoughts...

Danger Days: back in a much better place in life, happier, level-headed (as much as I can be), back with my dreams in my hands, ready to move forward, still taking a few steps back, but many many more ahead.

In any case, I was happy on Saturday night... I had a good spot, right where I wanted to be...

Here are some videos... The sound is better than the visual, be warned:

The Pogues, Dirty Old Town, Live 03/15/2011

Terminal 5, my least favourite venue, from the top balcony. I'm, going to get there even earlier tomorrow night to get a spot on the second balcony as it has the best view.
I love The Pogues.