Another happiness-inducing playlist

I kind of woke up on the unhappy side of the bed today, so while I was procrastinating over writing some really boring articles I needed to submit this afternoon I made a new playlist. I am not going to apologise about putting two songs by the Ronettes in the playlist, because they make me happy and I love them more very very much.

How can a mix of the following artists not make anyone happy?!: Martha Reeves, The Ronettes, Elvis, The Crystals, The Shirelles, Otis, Roy Orbison, Mary Wells, The Temptations and so on...



First day of Summer

"All those words you said to me still vibrating in the air"

Strange days... I don't know what to think or to say anymore. It's come to that time when it just has to be all or nothing, no longer that greyness in between. I want both feet to be stuck firmly in the sand, and not floating above the moving marshes. Indecision is only good when you don't know. Now I know.