Love Story: Bella the Great Dane

Three and a half years ago, after my sister moved back to California with her dog Fury, my mum was looking to adopt another dog, as her big house on the bay in Long Island felt lonely without one. She had always dreamed of owning a Great Dane, and after some searches found a couple looking to have their dog adopted because they were moving to a smaller place down south and didn’t think they would have enough room for her.

Bella arrived one Sunday afternoon in March 2009. A pure breed blue Great Dane, tall even for this species of dog, super skinny and extremely skittish. When her original owners left her at the house all she could do was run in circles around the couch and pee with fright whenever we tried to approach her. My mum spent months and months coaxing her out of her frightened shell, making her feel at home and safe, training her to walk on a leash (in the three years of her life she had never walked outside of a backyard on a leash), and trying to understand why she was so scared of everything. Ever tried to hold a scared Great Dane on a leash when the wind ruffles something in a bush, or a car honks suddenly? It’s like trying to hold down a bolting, non-broken colt. They jump in the air. High. Taking all of their 100+ pound weight with them. We realised that Bella had not been treated well, probably abused, and never loved and cared for in the way that she should have been. There were days when I know my mum was near to giving up, but she never did.

Three years down the line, Bella is a happy, 150+ pound dog who now lives in California with my mum, sister and brother, Fury and the fat cat Muffin. She is much loved and cared for, and spends her time following my mum around the garden, sleeping on her bed right by my mum’s desk while she is working and demanding cuddles and hugs whenever she can. There is not a sweeter, more docile and gentle dog in the world. I spent a lot of time with her on Long Island before my mum moved back to California too. I taught her to run in the snow after the blizzards at the end of 2010, let her use my bed as her own when I wasn’t in it, taught her how to jump on the couch and watch Lost with me, even though she wasn’t really allowed to, and helped my mum teach her that it was OK to be happy and be loved, and that she didn’t need to be scared of anything anymore. I obviously don’t get to see her much anymore, a couple of times a year when I am able to go and visit my family in California, but she always remembers my voice, always follows me around like a devoted friend, and always looks up at me with those big eyes full of love. It’s amazing what a lot of love and caring can do for an animal. It makes me happy to think that although her first three years were probably full of pain, fear and abuse, at least the three years after that were full of love and happiness.

A few weeks ago the vet diagnosed Bella with bone cancer. It started in her back leg, and although it hasn’t travelled to her lungs or other organs yet, it will. There is nothing anyone can do but make her feel comfortable until she is not comfortable anymore. Painkillers and muscle relaxers, and a lot of help walking around, as the lump in her leg is growing and jumping up on couches and running around aren’t really options anymore. From talks with my mum and the rest of the family I gather that her condition is worsening quite fast, and it breaks my heart to think that I may never get to run around the garden, cuddle her or just talk to her again. It breaks my heart even more to think of what my mum is going through right now, because even though she is putting on a tough face, I can hear her heart breaking across the thousands of miles that separate us. 

My mum, who also happens to be a wonderful photographer, has been documenting Bella’s life in our family from day 1, and it’s amazing to see how she has grown and changed over the years, from the skinny, scared shell of a dog, to the big, happy, mischievous dog that she is now. The collection of photos that she has put together can be found HERE. The first page also contains Bella’s story in my mum’s words.

"Little" Bellington - giant dog with a heart of gold <3>

Words on Walls

Freedom & EqualityLove LoveNot Responsible For Your LifeClairvoyant PsychicImaginePeace_And_Love
R1-07710-0014Wrong WayDanger No SwimmingR1-06168-011ADefaced WallAlways
Love is LoveHigh times in the LordBooks love the kidsAvoid ApathyGod's giftKeep it evil
L'art c'est un motLove 3SmileRevoltI dream of loveJesus light of the world

Words, a set on Flickr.

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to sort through hundred of photos, both digital and film, to see if I can sort them out by theme rather than date which is how they are currently sorted.

I finished this one last night, a collection of words on walls and signs in NYC, Long Island, London. I am sure I will add to it as I am always taking photos of random words that I see in random places.

On one of my walks I was taking pictures of a mural on Myrtle Ave, in Bushwick going towards Ridgewood. The mural took up the whole of a deli wall, and said "Jesus Saves Brooklyn". A couple of guys stopped to tell me that "Jesus Saves" was actually a grafitti artist and that was his name. So there... If you ever see "Jesus Saves" on walls around town, it's not someone telling you that Jesus saves, just an artist signing off on his work.

Anyway, to be continued...

Of sunshine and sleep

I love weekends. Especially weekends where I wake up at 8am and see that the sun is shining and I have a WHOLE day all to myself to do whatever I like. Don't get me wrong I still like getting in at 5am on Saturday morning and sleeping all day in order to be well enough to party all Sunday night - but it's refreshing to break the routine up a little.
Just because I have been at my mum's house in on Long Island for two weekends in a row does not mean I am running away. It just means I am tired and need time out. Not including the fact that I actually enjoy hanging out with my mum! I woke up at 8:30 this morning, completely rested, had breakfast, took Fury for a walk, went thrift shopping (the elusive 1940's dress is still to be found), went regular shopping, came home, started setting up my new blog, watched The Story of Metal on VH1 Classic and read more of The Dirt. Plans for tonight: get some food and a movie and stay in, cuddling with Fury and Muffin. Out of the cold. Smoking cigarettes on the deck overlooking the bay and just taking in the view of the stars (and maybe the moon if it decides to appear).
I will be back in the city tomorrow morning, refreshed and this time not looking to stay out all night. Last Sunday night was a blast but I am a little tired of everything and feel like staying away. I will be having a late lunch with Larry so we can catch up on the past week and then dinner with Tracy and Nuutti at Tracy's. Can't wait to see them and hear Nuutti's new music, I feel like we haven't all spent time together for way too long.

I wish I could consolidate this blog with my old LJ. I don't update on LJ at all anymore but there are over 3 years of posts on there. I wish I could just print them out as I love keeping hard copies of things. I hoard all of my writing, even those poems written on napkins in bars and restaurants. I need to start being more focused and DOING something with this. FOCUS!!!!! Motivation. It's not lacking, I just need to work on it. This new blog is going to be the gateway to bigger and better things. I figured that I go out often enough, know the best bands, venues and parties in Manhattan, so why not share them with everyone else?! There are bands that are so awesome but that don't get the exposure they deserve - I am going to help change that.

Ok off to Blockbuster to get We Own The Night abd Gone Baby Gone. I also just downloaded the Cradle Of Filth cover of Shakespeare's Sister's "Stay" so I am going to go smoke a cig and listen to it.

Mwah x.