Of sunshine and sleep

I love weekends. Especially weekends where I wake up at 8am and see that the sun is shining and I have a WHOLE day all to myself to do whatever I like. Don't get me wrong I still like getting in at 5am on Saturday morning and sleeping all day in order to be well enough to party all Sunday night - but it's refreshing to break the routine up a little.
Just because I have been at my mum's house in on Long Island for two weekends in a row does not mean I am running away. It just means I am tired and need time out. Not including the fact that I actually enjoy hanging out with my mum! I woke up at 8:30 this morning, completely rested, had breakfast, took Fury for a walk, went thrift shopping (the elusive 1940's dress is still to be found), went regular shopping, came home, started setting up my new blog, watched The Story of Metal on VH1 Classic and read more of The Dirt. Plans for tonight: get some food and a movie and stay in, cuddling with Fury and Muffin. Out of the cold. Smoking cigarettes on the deck overlooking the bay and just taking in the view of the stars (and maybe the moon if it decides to appear).
I will be back in the city tomorrow morning, refreshed and this time not looking to stay out all night. Last Sunday night was a blast but I am a little tired of everything and feel like staying away. I will be having a late lunch with Larry so we can catch up on the past week and then dinner with Tracy and Nuutti at Tracy's. Can't wait to see them and hear Nuutti's new music, I feel like we haven't all spent time together for way too long.

I wish I could consolidate this blog with my old LJ. I don't update on LJ at all anymore but there are over 3 years of posts on there. I wish I could just print them out as I love keeping hard copies of things. I hoard all of my writing, even those poems written on napkins in bars and restaurants. I need to start being more focused and DOING something with this. FOCUS!!!!! Motivation. It's not lacking, I just need to work on it. This new blog is going to be the gateway to bigger and better things. I figured that I go out often enough, know the best bands, venues and parties in Manhattan, so why not share them with everyone else?! There are bands that are so awesome but that don't get the exposure they deserve - I am going to help change that.

Ok off to Blockbuster to get We Own The Night abd Gone Baby Gone. I also just downloaded the Cradle Of Filth cover of Shakespeare's Sister's "Stay" so I am going to go smoke a cig and listen to it.

Mwah x.

The Placebo Effect.

I think I got a sunburn... We made it to the beach today and could hear thunder in the distance, the lifeguards wouldn't let anyone in the ocean, but the sun was still shining. Then, 3 hours later, we knew it was going to rain so we cam back home. I'm full of sand and huge welts on my legs from the mosquitoes that seem to love my blood. I mean HUGE welts. DEFORMED welts. Even the mosquitoes in India weren't this bad!!

Last week was great, especially because Petite Fee was here. Went out every night, ate Ethiopian with L the L, saw The Sugar Report (great as usual), drank way too much, even had a night out with only a couple of drinks, ended up in Williamsburg introducing myself to people in a random deli as "Paradox, tourist from Manhattan", karate kicked a few walls, poured a huge glass of ice water down my shirt in the basement at Lit, danced on the couch at The Skinny (usual occurence), made Psycho scuttle away like a cockroach, met my twin music BFF, saw and hung out at Rockstar 1's house and got sick.

I feel like going out tonight although I know I shouldn't. Anyone up for some couch dancing and random barhopping in the rain.

I just can't stay here every yesterday

I'm exhausted but bored. I have just been thinking of how many Stolis on the rocks I can drink before blacking out and counting the number of bruises (12) on my legs. BORing. I am running out of cigarettes and quarters to buy cigarettes with. And if I leave my apartment my legs may automatically carry me to the DR to drink myself stupid while MH plays music. Yeah I'm only barred from there when the person I used to consider my brother (otherwise known as the psycho) is away. Funny thing is I don't even care anymore.
Die fucker die.
It's fine - cos L the L replaced him and is a much better AND real friend to me than the psycho ever was. Who calls me immediately on receipt of a text that says "I feel so sad today".

It's been over three weeks and I am still completely obsessed (maybe more and more every day) with the new Interpol album. However, I've been listening to Letter to Elise on a loop for the past few days because it makes me cry and because I feel sad, bad nostalgic, doomed and depressed. Blah. If I got more than an average of 3 hours sleep a night/day do you think the mood would lift? Ellipsis.

Oooh Paradox Twin (not from birth) and me have taken to having sober evenings where we go out for dinner and talk. They are so much fun.

Anyone who deciphers the acronym "MH" gets a kiss.