Photography: People/Portraits

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Cabo ChildrenPolicewoman and Fireman 3HellfireTheresaMarineFlute Fairy

People/Portraits, a set on Flickr.

I finally took the time yesterday to start putting this collection together. Taken over the past two years, these are all shots of people that I have taken with either my Canon AE-1 (film) or my Canon DSLR. A lot of them are of people I know, some are random shots outside on the streets of NYC and nearly all of them are completely candid, which I really love.

I shall be adding to this as time goes by, or maybe I will make a second set, as this one is already quite substantial!


HellfireHarry & GingerFacesPolicewoman and FiremanMiriam and GeorgeMason DaveDanaRosieGinaBirthday BethLauren KarliHagitRosieMeEric & MeDavid SmilesStephan wonChrisCharlieLaughing girlsJessica

Expressions, a set on Flickr.

Taken mainly over the past couple of years (although there are a couple of older ones), this is a collection of my favourite "people" photos. Each one for a special reason. I will probably continue to add to it once I take new favourites, or find old ones amongst the folders of photos I have on this hard drive. I took all of them on different cameras, but mainly a Canon Rebel DSLR and a Canon AE-1 (film).

Enjoy :)