Thought Forms

I'm SO excited! Not only are Portishead playing twice in NYC this year (Hammerstein Ballroom, 10/04 & 10/05) and also in New Jersey (Asbury Park, ATP - I'll Be Your Mirror festival, 09/30-10/02) BUT one of my closest and most loveliest friends, Charlie's band Thought Forms will be supporting them through-out the whole US and Canada tour!!!

I first saw Thought Forms live in 2006, and then again in 2009. I'm really looking forward to seeing them on a larger stage, playing to a larger audience this year! If you are a fan of Sonic Youth, Slint, My Bloody Valentine and Mogwai you should definitely check them out. Charlie and Deej are amazing guitarists,and have that rare talent of making their guitars sing to each other on stage, with what seems like no effort at all. Thought Forms music really just speaks for itself. You really just need to hear them play to understand the awesomeness of it all.

I'm soooo excited!!!

Official site: Thought Forms
Facebook page: Thought Forms
Debut album on sale here: Invada Records

Photo from the 2009 show.


I am stealing this one from my lovely friend Charlie (who I will be seeing in two weeks -YAY!).
Today we all need to list out why we are awesome so we don't forget it.

Because I love too much, because I talk to much, because I am smart, because I am thoughtful, because I have ideas and because I am creative. Because I have a wonderful family and wonderful friends who make me a better person everyday and because I am a little crazy and a little impulsive while being a little sensible and a little level-headed.

Back to work - a lot to get done today while fighting through the feeling of being completely burnt out with no interest or motivation left.