As everyone probably already knows, NYC was struck by a blizzard that started during the day on Sunday 12/26 and ended in the morning of 12/27. We get at least 3 blizzards a year, so this one really didn't come as a surprise, and I love a good snow storm. All you can really do is stay inside, keep warm, and watch the snow pile up outside. When the city is covered in snow there are about 2 hours where there is a general sense of peace and quiet (something that pretty much never happens in NYC), and I love to walk around in it, hearing the crunching sound of my footsteps in the fresh snow, dancing around under the snowflakes, making snow angels etc etc. Not this time - the wind was too strong and too bitterly cold. A car got stuck in the middle of my street around 10pm, and by morning it was completely covered, blocking the snowplough who had turned into our street at some point during the early morning hours.
When I woke up I checked the MTA's website to see if the J train was running, but there was no real message stating that it was or it wasn't, so I wrapped up warm and got ready to leave, bracing myself for the walk to the subway in 19 inches of snow... But I couldn't even leave the apartment! The snow that had come down in the driveway had all drifted right up against the front door of the building, with no way of getting out from the inside. Snow day!!
In any case, the J wasn't running anyway, so it was a blessing in disguise. I probably would have pelted people with snowballs f I had gone all the way there for nothing!
The kids from the first floor apartment were finally able to dig us out around 1pm (but only when someone actually was able to dig from the outside first. I got some good pictures from the street and from the roof, trudged to the deli to get some food for the rest of the day and went back home to stay warm. The next day I made it to work, but it really did feel like I was in a scene from a disaster/apocalypse movie - hardly any cars on the roads, people walking down the middle of main roads (like Broadway in Brooklyn), buses stuck in the middle of streets, mounds and mounds of snow on the sides of the street.

Five days later and it's still there - not very pretty anymore, and the slippery slush is excellent for falling over and looking like an idiot. We are supposed to get some rain on Sunday, so it will all melt away... Until the next one.

Go to my Flickr set to see more snow pictures!

Gigs in 2010

Although nothing is going to top Leonard Cohen at Radio City Music Hall in 2009, there are a few gigs I really want to go to:

1). Muse - MSG March 5th
All seats except those behind the stage are sold out. I'll try CL and Stubhub nearer the date to get better seats I think.

2). Editors - Terminal 5 February 19th
I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this band. I love them because they remind me of my favourite bands, btu I hate them for the same reason. Go figure, I never said I wasn't a paradox.

3). Pearl Jam - Belfast Juen 23rd
I'm going to see Lynn in Ireland that week and it would be AWESOME if we got tickets to see PJ together. And if Eryn could make it too. They sold out in minutes, but I am sure we can find some.

4). BRMC - Webster Hall April 8th
I've seen them lots of times and will never ever get enough of them. I absolutely love this band. And I have a lot of fun memories that I associate with them.

5). Opeth - Terminal 5 April 7th
Just because they are still around, and the first (and last) time I saw them was when they opened for Cradle of Filth in Marseille, in 1995. Seeing as that happens to be FIFTEEN years ago it would be fun to see them.

6). Elefant - Irving Plaza January 16th
Going to go with Meg and Rosie.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! A new decade has begun...

I remember exactly what I was doing 10 years ago. Maud and I dressed in suits and ties, my hair was cut in a short A-line bob, walking around Grenoble with two bottles of wine a-piece in our bags. Singing songs, making a random guy kneel down in front of the Berlioz statue and recite the Lords Prayer to him, crashing parties up and down centre-ville, and finishing the night with pizza at Maud's parents' apartment.

This year was a lot less entertaining, but fun. As in fun on a normal Friday night out I suppose. It just made me a little sad that at the end of the night I ended up walking down the street alone, a little pensive and just feeling worn out. Meg has Jimmy now, Rosie had Noel, a lot of my old friends back in England and France are married with kids... Anyway - enough of that.

By the end of the night I had been called "the sober bitch/sister/person/girl/woman" by 5 different people. Please. I have a name! I don't mind if this comes out of someone I don't know's mouth, but it's really upsetting when it's close friends who say it. I don't call you "bartender dude" or "drunk dude falling asleep at the bar" or "cokefiend girl" or "Indian dude who keeps hitting on me" do I? So why define me by something that I have chosen? It's a little disrespectful and really not funny.
Whether I drink or not is not an issue to me - whether I am happy or not is and I am a LOT happier now than I was this time last year.

I KNOW I shouldn't think these things over so much - but when it happens on a regular basis it just makes me sad.

Pretty sunset tonight: