Music: Repo Man - All Mind in the Cat House

If you like distortion and grinding guitar riffs, splashes of crazy random saxophone sounds, punk, anger, lyrics that make you think coming from a voice that is sometimes purr, sometimes sarcasm, sometimes scream, then you need to check out Repo Man. Their debut album, All Mind In The Cat House is slated for release on September 9th on Lava Thief.

Think of a band influenced by The Fall or Swans with a touch of Bauhaus, Sonic Youth and The Birthday Party. Have you ever been to a show where you start off just standing there, on the spot, immobile, wondering what all of this is, and then automatically go into a mind space where you want to move like an insane person, pushing things, kicking things, getting something out of your system, and then immediately fall back into that immobile spot, mouth half open, words flowing into your brain, body still electric from the music, ready for more? That's exactly how Repo Man's music make me feel.

You can stream All Mind In The Cat House below for a taste of what I am trying to describe to you:

Here is also a pretty cool video that will give you another view of the band's awesomeness:

And finally - the band's own press release. Check them out, especially if you want or need to be jolted out of apathy:

Repo Man emerged in Bristol in 2011, reshaping 'rock groop' sturm-und-clang into subnormal forms, son-of-Oldham vocal slurries, oozing Free sax splatter and shards of punishing guitar bliss. If you ever freaked to The Fall, Sonic Youth, Swans or Ornette Coleman then Repo may be your ticket to oblivion. Their debut slab of un-poetics 'All Mind in the Cat House' is due for imminent release on Lava Thief.

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