Attacks on Reporters

Lara Logan attack turns spotlight on female reporters - BBC News Article

This has always been my dream job - capturing world events on film and paper. I really regret not having realised this when I was 18 when I was more interested in listening to dark music, writing dark poetry and drinking copious amounts of red wine while quoting Byron and Baudelaire. Anyway, whenever something happens in the world I wish I were THERE, in the middle of it, seeing it happen with my own eyes. And I will, one day.

I came across this article today and it really struck a chord... Have we become completely immune to how journalists and photographers actually put their lives at risk in order to report to us what is happening in the world? If this happened to a main reporter from CBS, what is happening to those who are not part of a large media corporation, those who work as freelancers? Someone like the BBC's John Simpson would be worth keeping alive if kidnapped, as he could be used as a barter, however, I don't think anyone really cares about your run of the mill freelancer who may or may not be an amazing reporter. It's not like governments are going to put foreign policies at risk just for a few reporters, is it?

Worth thinking about...