World Events & Active Ignorance

This week, amidst a million other things, the following events happened:

- Popular uprising/Revolution in Egypt: Al Jazeera live blog updates
- Sahra Bahrami, Iranian-Dutch citizen, sentenced to death in Iran for alleged drug smuggling was hanged: Iran Hangs Sahra Bahrami
- The Deputy Governor of Kandahar, Afghanistan was assassinated: Deputy Governor of Kandahar Killed
- Ugandan Gay Rights Activist, David Kato was beaten to death: David Kato Murdered

There is a world outside your bubble. If you don't feel like actively participating, at least try to KNOW about what is happening in the world today. The amount of blank stares and raised eyebrows I have encountered every time I brought up one of the above events this week makes me want to vomit.
I just wish people didn't try to actively be ignorant. It drives me insane.