Kristin Hersh - Rat Girl

I read and finished this book last week, after it having been at the top of my "to read" pile for over a month. I LOVE reading autobiographies, especially musicians' autobiographies, but I've read so many this year that I kept pushing it back, and was feeling a little reluctant about reading it.

Oh was I wrong... I should have known better! I loved Throwing Muses growing up, but was always more focused on Tanya Donnelly's career and music rather than Kristin Hersh's, so this actually made me learn about Kristin a lot more than I did before, and I even though I respected her before, I do thousandfold now.

Kristin took her diaries from when she was 19 (1985) and turned her thoughts, feelings and actions from that year into a memoir, interspersed with song lyrics. During this year Kristin is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, signs a record deal with 4AD Records and finds out she's pregnant. Her prose is so colourful and upbeat, even through her "darker" days, and I feel like anyone can relate to certain parts of her book, if not as a whole. I really loved the fact that I was reading a coming of age novel written from real experiences, by a real person who also happens to be an amazing musician.