California California California

I'm back again. It went too fast and I feel quite sad today. New York has been my home for over five years now, but California was the first place I came to in the States, over ten years ago...

Mum was transferring from France to California with work and she took me with her on her "looking for a house" trip in June 2000. I fell in love the moment I landed in San Francisco. Since then it has been my second home, wherever I happen to find myself in the world, because my closest family has been living there. Mum had a three year stint on Long Island, but is moving back to California this year, so I am going to be alone on the East Coast again, and it makes me wonder if I should start thinking about moving out there too... We will see.

Karli took me down to Santa Cruz and Monterey this year, reliving our road trip from 2004. We literally laughed non-stop for two days straight. I could seriously live in Santa Cruz. Or Bodega Bay. Or Monterey. As long as I am by the ocean I am happy...
Dylan and I went book and music shopping and talked and laughed.
I miss my siblings a lot...
And it was also wonderful to be near my second family too, Mo, Tiff, Jess, the kids.

Time to think things over a lot methinks.

Here are some pictures that pretty much capture the wonderful week I had. Even writing about it now makes me sad so I am going to go back to listening to Nirvana and dancing around my room right now :)

Santa Cruz & Monterey