New York cab drivers #2

A while back I went on a rant about NYC cab drivers, this time I am going to declare my love for (one of) them. I tell you... there is never a boring moment during a cab ride in this city.

I really don't like getting cabs home from the airport. Say the word "Bushwick" and you hear an immediate sigh of frustration, and then the words "I don't know how to get there". Fine. I do. Take the BQE to Metropolitan, left on Union, left on Metropolitan, right on Bushwick and straight down. Straight-forward right? Anyway.. I digress...

On Friday afternoon I found myself sitting in a cab with the most lovely Turkish cab driver. We started talking about where we were born and how we ended up in the US, about green cards and the battles of getting one, about work and family and friends, until we started on the topic of relationships. My stance is that I will only get married for love, never just to speed up my green card application. As I was explaining this my cab driver started talking about what I should look for in a relationship and how in this city too many girls are sad and disappointed because not only were they looking for the right thing in the wrong guy, but also because they thought they had to sleep with every guy who seemed interested in them. Main point of his was that one should not sleep with anyone until one has learnt to get to know the other person.
I told him he was preaching to the choir - long gone are those days of drunken, meaningless (and meaningful...) hook-ups for me. I just feel too old, and too fragile nowadays for that. Anyway, I ended the conversation by telling him that I wished he would come hang out with me and my friends because he was so awesome.
Never underestimate the wisdom of a cab driver. This guy made my week by just being so nice, smart and interesting.

Now I want to visit Turkey.