Multi-functional brain...

A huge project that we have been doing for one of my main clients went completely to hell - resulting in the biggest damage control set-up that I have been part of for a while. 600,000 words of French translated content are being reviewed this weekend by about 6 of us. Of course, the content isn't from an interesting novel, which would make it at least a fun task. Nope - we are reviewing the technical manual of one of unsaid client's new machines. Yup... I can now probably tell you how to troubleshoot multiple different problems in a motor, cab air conditioner, or electrical circuits.

My eyes are going to bleed. This is the type of content I have been reviewing and correcting all weekend: "When the increased flow of pump supply oil builds enough pressure to overcome the existing pressure plus the spring force behind load check valve..." and its French equivalent.

Now I am going to start on my "usual" work - of which I have about 5 hours solid to do before tomorrow morning. Then I will make global changes in other files that someone else is working on...

I could say that on a positive side we have an ongoing storm that started Friday night and is still going on here, making it easier to be stuck inside all day. But said storm actually destroyed my mum's roof, and has resulted in her having no power for hours, so it really isn't a blessing in disguise.

And for everyone who STILL says "why don't you just quit your job?" remember: I do not have a green card and cannot live in the US without this job. So please STOP saying it, ok? Everyone I know works hard, and I don't judge you because I work more - just be understanding that I am completely overworked and stressed out right now, and a nice gesture, just a "hello, how are you doing?" would be more than appreciated (thanks Eric for always being there <3).

Blah. Rant over.

My little ball of fur has kept me company all weekend: