Photography: 41 weeks


The entire photo set can be found on Flickr HERE. I still can't figure out how to put a slideshow on Blogger.

I have so many stories to write and so many blog posts to catch up on, and, at some point over the next few weeks, I will get to them all, but in the meantime I am spending my time staring at my daughter in awe, taking photos of her, breastfeeding, trying to entertain her and then trying to get a few hours of sleep whenever I can. It's amazing, all of it, motherhood, being part of creating this wonderfully perfect little being, and still feels pretty surreal in all the reality of it.


From week 11 of my pregnancy, right through to just before I hit week 41 (and the reason there is no photo for that week will be explained when I write Luna's birth story) I took a photo of my growing baby bump. It makes me laugh now to think that back in the weeks 13 and 15 and 16 I really thought that I was HUGE and that everyone could tell I was pregnant. Looking back at the photos, it wasn't until I was in the 20th week that you could really start telling if you didn't know me.


Once I hit the third trimester I knew I was going to get big, but it wasn't until I got to week 38 that I actually started feeling uncomfortable... I still roll out of bed like I had to in those weeks, forgetting that I don't need to do that anymore! It's kind of crazy to think that my daughter actually fit inside my belly only 3 weeks ago, and was comfortable there... I can't imagine being curled up like that and not being able to stretch out!


Music: Mogwai at Webster Hall, NYC, June 15th 2012

I spent the beginning of last year listening to Mogwai's last studio album, Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, while I was trying to figure my life out. Then I spent the last few months of the year listening to their last EP, Earth Divisions, while trying to work out the next steps in my life. It seems to be a pattern in my life, since the late 90's, listening to Mogwai while reflecting on the meaning of life. Or maybe something a little less grandiose than that. Reflecting on what on earth I was doing with myself right at that moment in time and why I had chosen this instead of that.
For me, listening to Mogwai has always been like going for a long walk, where you start off in a quiet, countryside area and then find yourself suddenly standing in the middle of a square packed with people and noise and lights with your feet are stuck to the ground, looking around with wide eyes, not knowing where to go. Until, all of a sudden you are pulled up in the air by an invisible force, and fly over the crowds back to a peaceful calm in a different place, where the journey starts again.
Basically a slow build up of music, bit by bit, layer upon layer, gaining momentum until all you can do is feel it flowing through your entire body. Yes, I seriously love Mogwai.
I didn't think I would actually get to see them on this tour, with the multiple cancellations and the being broke issue and all of that. But I have a fabulous best friend who took me as his plus one, which also meant that we got the best place to sit and watch the show at Webster Hall, right above the stage, where I could just lean on the barrier and absorb the music and float off to different places my mind decided to conjure up. There is not much else to say apart from the fact that I had goosebumps half of the time, and spent the rest of it floating somewhere above Webster Hall, during all of it feeling that I was literally in the music. Not just a part of it, but right inside it. I've been waiting to see them again for so long now, and it was so worth it, just to be there and to see them perform again. Live music is mostly always excellent, but there are some bands that just take it a step further on stage and Mogwai is one of them. Excellent setlist too - a real collection of different pieces from over the years.
I have to say, over the past 9 months I haven't been to anywhere near as many live shows as I usually do, but the ones I have been to have been pretty brilliant, and all thanks to the wonderful friends I have here (Portishead, The Cure, The Kills, Spiritualized and Mogwai).

Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home
White Noise
I Know You Are But What Am I?
San Pedro
Mexican Grand Prix
Stanley Kubrick
Stop Coming To My House
How to Be a Werewolf
2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
Ratts of the Capital

Rano Pano
I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
We're No Here


Between the branchesSunset over ManhattanWinter SunshineSunrise over the bayMastic Beachbay side SmithpointCity viewSunset from the roofSwirling cloudsBig setting sunWinter skies Rising MoonRising coloursMixed coloursStark lightColoursPink views Pretty skiesReeds and skiesRising over the waterSetting on the baySunset on the bayLight on water

Light, a set on Flickr.

I suppose it sounds silly if I say "I miss the sun", but in all reality, it isn't. I really mean that I miss watching the sun. Setting my alarm to wake up at 5am, and waiting for the sun to come up over the bay, wearing layers of leggings and legwarmers and sweaters and gloves to bear the freezing wind. Or rushing to find the best sunset angle over the water. Or catching the golden orange colour coming in through my living room window and rushing up to the roof to capture those last rays on camera. Even, and I am loathe to actually mention this one, watching the summer sun set over the city from my old desk on the 40th floor.
I've been focusing so much on taking black and white random portraits recently that I forgot the sun. I put the above together from photos take over the past two years with a bunch of different cameras... DSLR (Canon) and film SLRs (both Canon AE-1, one from the late 70's, one from the early 80's). I think it's time to find the sun in other places and to capture it again and again every time it inspires me. Or something along those lines.

There is one of the moon in there. Just because everything should have some sort of balance, somehow.

Stark & Light

Cranes and SkyscrapersLoveAutumn duskBroken GravestonesYou Must UniteFishing Pelican Cloisters LadiesCrossesMajesticStatementDesolateWeird ShadowsB&W SunsetStow Graveyard 2GrimaceSunset from the rooftopBeautiful Face in Wall Deserted beachDefacing a sad statementSecret TreasuresBrooklyn BridgeBarbed wireFlag

Stark & Light, a set on Flickr.

A random, but not so random collection of images I have captured over the last year. Some taken with the Canon Rebel DSLR, others with the Canon AE-1 film camera, some with my phone. Just a collection of darkness and light, of words captured and feelings portrayed.

I walked for miles...

Every time I go out to take photos of this city I discover something new...

New York post Office, Chelsea Piers, West Side Highway, Chelsea Markets, Highline, Union Square, 14th Street East, East Village, Lower East Side, Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge... All on foot. My legs hurt and my eyes want to close.

Enjoy: Wanderings in NYC 03/19/2011

I'm giving film a little break for a few days and going back to digital. I'm very excited about using my AE1 in the cemetary in Stow, MA next week though...


As everyone probably already knows, NYC was struck by a blizzard that started during the day on Sunday 12/26 and ended in the morning of 12/27. We get at least 3 blizzards a year, so this one really didn't come as a surprise, and I love a good snow storm. All you can really do is stay inside, keep warm, and watch the snow pile up outside. When the city is covered in snow there are about 2 hours where there is a general sense of peace and quiet (something that pretty much never happens in NYC), and I love to walk around in it, hearing the crunching sound of my footsteps in the fresh snow, dancing around under the snowflakes, making snow angels etc etc. Not this time - the wind was too strong and too bitterly cold. A car got stuck in the middle of my street around 10pm, and by morning it was completely covered, blocking the snowplough who had turned into our street at some point during the early morning hours.
When I woke up I checked the MTA's website to see if the J train was running, but there was no real message stating that it was or it wasn't, so I wrapped up warm and got ready to leave, bracing myself for the walk to the subway in 19 inches of snow... But I couldn't even leave the apartment! The snow that had come down in the driveway had all drifted right up against the front door of the building, with no way of getting out from the inside. Snow day!!
In any case, the J wasn't running anyway, so it was a blessing in disguise. I probably would have pelted people with snowballs f I had gone all the way there for nothing!
The kids from the first floor apartment were finally able to dig us out around 1pm (but only when someone actually was able to dig from the outside first. I got some good pictures from the street and from the roof, trudged to the deli to get some food for the rest of the day and went back home to stay warm. The next day I made it to work, but it really did feel like I was in a scene from a disaster/apocalypse movie - hardly any cars on the roads, people walking down the middle of main roads (like Broadway in Brooklyn), buses stuck in the middle of streets, mounds and mounds of snow on the sides of the street.

Five days later and it's still there - not very pretty anymore, and the slippery slush is excellent for falling over and looking like an idiot. We are supposed to get some rain on Sunday, so it will all melt away... Until the next one.

Go to my Flickr set to see more snow pictures!

The Dandy Warhols @ Webster Hall, NYC, 11/06/2010

If you get to Webster Hall early enough you can usually get a really good viewing spot. This time I got right up front on the left side and sat up on the blocks by the speakers. GREAT view.
Hopewell opened and played a really good warm-up set (they are so good they deserve to be talked about by themselves, so I will post about them separately sometime).
The Dandy Warhols played for about 2 hours, an awesome show with a great mix of songs and energy. I don't think they can ever really disappoint anyway!

They hadn't done an encore in 3 years but we were lucky enough to get one:

Although it was really dark and I didn't have my best camera on me, I got a few more pictures: more pictures here


California California California

I'm back again. It went too fast and I feel quite sad today. New York has been my home for over five years now, but California was the first place I came to in the States, over ten years ago...

Mum was transferring from France to California with work and she took me with her on her "looking for a house" trip in June 2000. I fell in love the moment I landed in San Francisco. Since then it has been my second home, wherever I happen to find myself in the world, because my closest family has been living there. Mum had a three year stint on Long Island, but is moving back to California this year, so I am going to be alone on the East Coast again, and it makes me wonder if I should start thinking about moving out there too... We will see.

Karli took me down to Santa Cruz and Monterey this year, reliving our road trip from 2004. We literally laughed non-stop for two days straight. I could seriously live in Santa Cruz. Or Bodega Bay. Or Monterey. As long as I am by the ocean I am happy...
Dylan and I went book and music shopping and talked and laughed.
I miss my siblings a lot...
And it was also wonderful to be near my second family too, Mo, Tiff, Jess, the kids.

Time to think things over a lot methinks.

Here are some pictures that pretty much capture the wonderful week I had. Even writing about it now makes me sad so I am going to go back to listening to Nirvana and dancing around my room right now :)

Santa Cruz & Monterey



Because I am obsessed with my new camera and can't stop taking pictures around me, I am just uploading them all to my Flickr album.

There are a mix of pictures from my new camera, from my regular camera, and from my phone camera. And despite people who laugh at phone camera pictures, I actually like mine...

Anyway, here is my Flickr

The newest sets are:
Outside Randomness 2010

I really would love feedback because I am just learning how to use this camera and want to get better.