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Ludovic Layne's Third Month

Wow I can’t believe that it’s already been 10 days that Ludo turned three months old! I know I probably complain about time flying all the time, but this time around it is insane! We are already nearly at Aftershock, Halloween, and Día de los Muertos. Which means November and December are just around the corner... We still haven’t had any rain since April or May, and I’ve really started to miss it. Maybe next week? We definitely need a lot of it to help contain the terrible wildfires here in California. Anyway! My friend Ally sent me this amazing journal earlier this year before I had Ludo, called The New Mum’s Notebook. It is full of positivity and information, and contains about 10 journal pages per month for the first year so that you can jot down things that you know you are going to forget later. It has been a life saver for these monthly updates, because to be quite honest everything seems to blend together and if I didn’t write it down I would have no idea what day, week or month anything happened!

Ludo had his two month appointment last month and had his first shots (apart from the Tdap which they had run of… After having had whooping cough as a kid I’m a real stickler for the kids getting this one, so I wasn’t too happy about it!). He also weighed 15 lbs 10oz at that appointment, but by the time he turned three months he was at 17lbs 8oz and 26 inches long! I do think the insane growth has started to slow down slightly, but he is now in 9-12 months clothes, something that we really hadn’t planned for so early. This time around we mainly only bought clothes at the thrift store and received some very generous hand me downs from friends, and I am returning the favor – saving the cutest/best items for a friend and then donating the rest to families who have lost everything in the wildfires. And we definitely need to go back to our favorite thrift store and get stocked up in 12 months – 2T clothes! It’s actually a bit difficult dressing a big baby though, because most clothes for older babies are made for older babies. We currently live in onesies, rompers, and footie pjs. Although I say it myself, he really is the cutest little big baby…

On September 16th Ludo rolled over from front to back, and then a couple of weeks later from back to front! So he is now rolling all over the place, often favoring rolling from his back onto his tummy and then hanging out like that contemplating the world. Luna is, as usual, his cheerleader, still clapping every time he rolls or gurgles or laughs – she’s still pretty much obsessed with her younger brother. He now really enjoys rolling around on his play mat and gurgling away, and even Aurora seems to have softened her stance towards this new person in her life and now plays with him a little (although she’s a bit “strong” so still has to be shown how to be “gentle”). Luna hasn’t tried to “carry” Ludo since she did that one time and scared all of us (probably herself the most but I still shiver thinking about it!), but she does love to cuddle and kiss him! I really think she just loves being a big sister this time around. 

Apart from being my only boy (duh), and from being a big baby, Ludo is also my one and only self-soother! He still nurses on a regular basis but he also sucks his thumb now, and will actually put himself back to sleep at times. It’s a bit of a surprise for Cesar and me, as I will hear him cry out and then two seconds later he is back to sleep again with his thumb in his mouth. I know this isn’t the best thing for his teeth (I think?), but none of our kids ever wanted a pacifier, and I am still nursing them all, so if one of them wants to sleep without nursing for once I’m not going to complain! Ludo is still waking up every three hours or so, but also, unlike the girls, he is happy to be put back in his crib. Now that he is rolling everywhere he does sometimes wake himself up with his hands stuck through the crib rails, and I’m sure I’m going to have to lower the mattress soon, but all in all it is helping me get some sleep. Not enough though, but that’s a story for another time. Having three small kids under 4 is tough. Rewarding but tough.

What else happened during Ludo’s third month? He’s been on many, many walks, dipped his feet in the American River for the first time, accompanied us to Luna’s cardiologist (and played in their awesome kids’ room with Aurora), been to many a restaurant, and around Old Sacramento many times. Our lovely friend Jenny (baby whisperer) came to visit, and we all saw Chuck Ragan together. Ludo has smiled and laughed a LOT, danced with me to The Cure, and David Bowie, and Cher, and my all-time favorite Tim Buckley, and danced with Cesar to Nothing More and Tracy Chapman. Cesar is the baby whisperer, he just looks into Ludo’s eyes and cuddles him and he quiets down, especially when he is overtired and a little stressed (the baby not Cesar). It always worked with the girls when they were babies too... He has been pretty overtired some days, mainly because either the girls wake him up before he should really wake up, or he fights naps just to hang out with us a bit longer. He has been pretty good at going down to sleep around 7pm though; if I push it any later than that we usually have a hard time getting him to sleep. I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to bedtime routine as I often have to do it alone and I really crave quiet time in the evening (not that THAT happens very often at the moment ha).

I promised myself at the end of last month that I would be less hard on myself and less anxious to get everything done. There is so much going on in this country right now that causes me severe anxiety and I am trying to fight all of these issues whenever I can… I just don’t want this to take a toll on these amazing little beings that we are raising. So I am determined to help them all keep their smiles and their happiness for as long as I can, while still raising them to be responsible and good human beings. And Ludo really, really has the sweetest smile (and seems to continue to love hearing me sing to him for some reason). So: happiness and positivity are how we are moving forward. <3

This month's photo album is right HERE.