Ramblings: Luna Marlena's 15 Month Summary

Luna is already 15 months old... How did this all happen so fast?! It feels like only yesterday that she turned 1, and not even that long ago that she was born! She's really growing into her own personality over the past 3 months, making us laugh and shout and dance and cry, and everything in between. She's a little terror, but also a little angel. Everything you could expect a little toddler to be really.
We took her for a check-up last month to see if she had gained weight at all. She ended up putting on just under 2lbs in 2 months and grew one inch (so 19lbs and 30 inches at 14 months), so the pediatrician was happy with that. She had her chicken pox vaccine and now we don't have to go back until she's about 18 months. We will probably end up just taking both girls together so we can get first appointments and 18 month appointments done in one go. Also, I never had chicken pox. I was exposed to it many a time, but never had it! I ended up getting the vaccine because it was one of the mandatory vaccines to have done before I could get my green card, but I've always found it strange that I never had it! I guess I got my dose of childhood illnesses with whooping cough.
Anyway! We have been through the growing pains of molars. Luna now has 4 of them (12 teeth in total), and if you thought regular teething was a pain, then be prepared for molar teething. It's not nice to say the least. It lasts for ages and makes for a very grumpy, whiny child. A very grumpy, whiny child who wakes up every hour or so. I mean Luna has never been a good sleeper but she has got a lot better in recent months. She actually sleeps pretty well between the hours of 11pm and 6am. As long as she is right next to me or Cesar of course!
I do think the latter also comes from a change in schedule for Cesar. He has a different job and currently works during the day with two days off (miracle). This means we all get to eat dinner together and he gets to play with Luna before she goes to bed... And he doesn't get home at 3am! It's fantastic! It's also great that he actually likes his job too ha! I've taken to napping with Luna during the day... It means I can work later in the evening when she's asleep without worrying about getting too tired. Working around your child is NOT easy. Trying to balance the two is hard now; I wonder how I will do it when there are two of them... I am going to have to schedule it a lot better and take advantage of Cesar being home more.
I feel like these last 3 months have been a bit of a whirlwind! We went to The Museum of Natural History for Luna's birthday with some friends, specifically to see the butterflies... And Luna fell asleep the moment we set foot in the butterfly room! That was still the time that I could carry her in the ergo. I'm looking forward to going back to babywearing again in a few weeks, although I'm assuming it will be mainly the little one now!
Luna just wants to walk everywhere. All the time. She doesn't tire too easily but when she does she stands in front of you and throws her arms up in the air to say "carry me now!". Her and Cesar go off on their little walks to the grocery store where she picks up things she wants us to buy... Her face the other day when she found a bag of Cheetos at Rite Aid... It was priceless! Excitement and pride altogether! We got her one of those little monkey backpack harnesses. She loves wearing the backpack, but I think she’s a little small for the harness yet. She barely fits in 12 month clothes, so maybe we need a few more months, or we just need to practice more.
She loved the zoo, walking around and looking at all of the animals (we still haven't braved the Bronx Zoo yet though, that will have to wait a little bit). The carousel was another adventure... Making new friends and playing with old friends, climbing on the climbing frame at the park and going down the slide. Jumping head first off the couch and bed (that was highly traumatic for us as parents and something I really don't want to revisit ever again thank you very much!). How do you stop the accidents?! I guess you don't... She's such a daredevil; nothing seems to phase her, well apart from me leaving her with anyone other than her daddy.
I think this may be the most fun time and the most frustrating too. Every day Luna does something that makes me laugh: dancing, kisses my belly, brings me books to read, tries to feed me, runs up to me and gives me a bear hug every time I say “no”... But at the same time she's still not really speaking (apart from her own language) and I know how annoying it is for her when she is trying to communicate and can't. I actually wish I had learnt some signs to teach her to make things easier. Actually, it's not too late, and maybe she can then help me reach them to her sister? I would love to hear if anyone has any experience in this. Her pediatrician told me it's not always beneficial to raise children bilingual as they may experience speech delays, but I think the benefits outweigh the risks, no? So what if she talks a little later, she will be talking in two languages. Her pediatrician also told me to put her in daycare a couple of mornings a week, but I'm not sure yet. Maybe in the autumn so I can just get things done around the house. I do agree that the stimulation from being around other kids will be good for her but the cost is just prohibitive here! She's very social around other kids just very wary of adults still. She's definitely not lacking in confidence, just not very trusting. And that's not something I think she should actually get rid of. I know how lucky I am to be able to work from home and be around for every little milestone and bump and bruise, so it feels a little odd to send her away for a morning every week! Then again, ask me that in 2 months when I'm dealing with a cluster feeding newborn and a 17 month old who has decided she needs to nurse just as often.
We are still breastfeeding, quite regularly. I've had several people act how surprised they are that my doctor lets me (both have absolutely no issues even though I've had some complications), others find it normal and others think I should start weaning. There is no need for the latter, she will self wean when she's ready. Right now she isn't. I'm a little worried about leaving her when I go into Labour and Delivery, but that's a hurdle we will overcome when it happens. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it will be faster than it was with her so Cesar can go home to her. More about all that in my next blog post though!
Luna got to see her Auntie back in April, and then her Grandma a few weeks ago. Karli actually got to see Luna take her first unassisted steps which was wonderful, and my mum got to experience Luna's little kisses and hugs which just melt your heart. While I love living in this city sometimes it's hard to be far away from family, especially when it comes to kids bonding with extended family members and remembering them. One day in the near future we will hopefully make it to Mexico so Luna (and little one number 2) can meet their abuelita and other family members on Cesar's side. I had better learn to speak Spanish properly before that happens though! I would love for her to see her Uncle and other Auntie again soon too!
Anyway, I had about 2,000 photos that I edited down to just over 200 for this update... I will probably have to do the same once we get to 18 months! By that time Luna will be a big sister and I will also be doing monthly updates for her first year. Projects! Projects! And that said, I should probably post this too otherwise she will be 16 months old before I get to it! Thankfully I was able to write it all on my phone while being covered with toys from head to toe. No photos of that although it was probably quite funny to look at. Back to nesting and tidying and getting ready for next month!

Here is the photo album from the last 3 months: Luna Marlena -15 Months

Luna Marlena - Month 15 (173).JPG