Ramblings: Luna Marlena's Fifth Month

This month's photo album can be found on my Flickr HERE

Five months already. On the one hand it seems to be flying by, on the other April 9th seems so far away from where we are now. I look back at those pictures taken during the first month and remember how tiny she was, and realize how much she really has grown. She was 16.5 pounds and 25 inches a few weeks ago and she’s definitely grown more than that (we will find out at her 6 month appointment). She’s grown out of 3-6 month size clothes and is wearing 6 month and 6-9 month stuff. She really went from a just under average sized and very short baby to a big, tall 5 month old! We are still exclusively breastfeeding, and every time we try using a bottle she still won’t drink from it. She holds it and chews on it and if she manages to get any milk out of it she spits it out. The same milk that she drinks from my breasts! It’s quite funny really. We will probably start on veggies this time next month, if she is sitting unassisted that is.

I was talking to a friend just yesterday about how there are so many things that you never know about kids until you have one. I had never heard of a 4 month sleep regression until I saw it mentioned on an online parenting message board. Yes, it was hell. And yes, we are through it (and into something new now). Luna has never been a really good sleeper, but by 3 months we had a good system down, usually something like bed at 7pm, 4 hours, nurse, 3 hours, nurse, 3 hours, nurse, 2 hours, awake. She never was a real napper, but she was sleeping better at night, in the swing, but it was working for all of us. And then it started going downhill, waking up every 2 hours and then every hour (pretty much on the dot). We often ended up co-sleeping at the end of the night when I was too tired to get up, but by this point we were co-sleeping most of the night. There was no other way, it was worse than when she was a newborn! At the same time I realised that we might as well do some crib transitioning seeing as she was waking up anyway. I’m so glad we did because the swing lost its magic and she doesn’t like it anymore. I suppose it’s too confining now that she is used to having the space to roll around.

I started putting her in the crib for naps, and then transitioned to night time, and the day the sleep regression ended was the day that she slept in the crib all night (she woke up three times to nurse but slept all in all 12 hours in the crib). Victory!! Right?

Scratch that. She sleeps well in the crib now, but has started waking up because she rolls over constantly. She likes sleeping on her side, which is fine, but now she rolls onto her stomach, and even though it’s normal, it worries me. So we have been co-sleeping again. It’s just easier. She’s in what appears to be a month long growth spurt (more about that shortly), and we all need to sleep. What we need now is a bigger bed, and for this new issue of her not wanting to go to sleep until I do to go away fast (I’ve been writing this since 8pm and it is now 10pm and I finally got her to sleep).

Over the past two weeks she has learnt how to push her feet into her mouth and blow raspberries, and roll over both ways like a pro. I’m so happy we got a rug for the floor because she doesn’t stay on her play mat anymore, but rolls all over the place. She is also very, very intent on sitting up, and can be helped to a sitting position with hardly any help (I just give her my hands and she pulls herself up). She’s not able to sit alone yet though, but that’s not going to be very far away now. It goes so fast. One minute she was screaming about being put down on her tummy, the next she’s voluntarily rolling on her tummy and doing push-ups!

The blowing raspberries part was so funny we ended up making each other laugh for hours! I was holding her on my lap one afternoon when she stuck her tongue out at me and started blowing raspberries. It made us laugh so much that she continued to do it, just for the effect. Luna has this wonderful, hysterical personality that is growing by the day. She is nearly always laughing (even when she is grumpy or crying), she makes us laugh all the time (even when she wakes up after 20 minutes at 2am and just smiles at me), and she knows exactly what sounds to make to tell us that she is bored (usually every 20 minutes) and needs to do something else, or look at something else. She obviously rules this household (even the cat, poor thing, and he always comes back for more). The other day I caught her grabbing poor Joey’s tail and all he did was groan softly and wait for me to save him. And then came right back to see Luna. Silly thing! He’s such a good boy.

We have had 2 play dates this month! We went to Brooklyn to see Gina and Owen (Owen is 3 months older), and then Ebedet came over to Flushing with Xavier (he is just a few weeks older). We also went into the city to meet up with a few old friends. Luna is great to travel with when she is in the Ergo (I still need to figure out how to nurse in it though), but the heat was too much. I’m so happy that it’s been in the 70’s these past few days as we are able to go back out on long walks again! Staying inside all day is not something either of us enjoy that much! It was so cute to see the babies interact with each other, although you have to be careful as they always seem to gravitate towards the other’s hair (that’s part of the reason I cut mine short to be honest!). It’s going to be so cool to watch them become friends! I wonder at what age kids actually start playing with each other? Right now there is a lot of playing alone side by side and curiosity towards the other person. It will be interesting to watch!

I need to discuss the merits of the wonderful jumperoo thing that you hang from the doorframe. My grandmother thought of sending us one and Luna LOVES it. I only put her in it for 10 minutes tops at a time (and only once or twice a day), but she loves to jump and bounce! If I say the words “jumpy jumpy jumpy” she actually gets all excited. I guess it beats lying on the floor and being carried around by your parents all the time!

I think we have now established that I’m not all that keen to be separated from Luna, and I’ve noticed that she has started to show signs of the beginnings of separation anxiety too (although not when someone else holds her). I was used to putting her down on her mat in the morning for a few minutes while I made some breakfast in the kitchen, and she would play happily. Now she starts her angry cry when I leave the room; and smiles when I come back. I think it’s inevitable that it’s going to happen. I might have to start leaving her with Cesar for more than a shower a few days a week, maybe the time of a pedicure or a long walk somewhere. My first solo night out will be in November when I go to see Interpol with Rosie, so I’m going to have to make sure that she will not only take a bottle but will also settle down to sleep without hysterics… Maybe she will all of a sudden become an amazing sleeper by then?! Of course, I think it will just be harder on me than it is on her as she probably won’t even realize I’m gone until I am back.

So much has happened this month! Sleep regressions and rolling and raspberries and laughter and hugs and love. So much love.