Ramblings & Photography: Luna Marlena's Third Month

So now our little munchkin has entered her fourth month. Already! It’s not that time really flies, but it sure does feel that way sometimes! She was 7 lbs 13 oz and 18 inches long when she was born, and yesterday she weighed in at 13 lbs 12 oz and is 24 inches long! Those skinny little arms and legs have been replaced by the cutest little chubby limbs, and her body has grown into her hands and feet so they don’t look so big anymore – although she definitely still has my long hands and feet (and her dad’s eyes and cheeks).

She was really good after her first round of shots, only a bit restless for a day or two afterwards, but I did think that the rotavirus oral shot upset her stomach for a few days. And then it happened again the week after. So, being a first time mum and not knowing whether she was sick or not I took her to her pediatrician. She was absolutely fine, so we just put it down to her not liking the heat very much. Everything went back to normal again, until yet again, the following Friday, the same tummy issue. At this point I started to wonder if it was something I was eating. It didn’t take me long to realize that every Wednesday and Thursday I had been eating tofu from the Chinese restaurant round the corner for three weeks in a row. I haven’t had any since, and Luna has been fine too! I guess she doesn’t like tofu very much! I’m sure it is something that she will grow out of as her digestive system matures…

I’m still amazed with all of the changes that happen sometimes on a daily basis! She rolled over from front to back twice in a row a couple of weeks ago, and since then has forgotten how to do it, and she now tolerates her daily doses of tummy time for about 5 minutes. She loves “playing” with her Manhattan Toy toy (meaning she loves holding it and sticking it into her mouth), and she cuddles her little rabbit toy constantly. She “talks” all the time (probably to drown out my constant talk about every single thing that is happening during the day), and smiles every time she looks at me or at her daddy. It continues to melt my heart every single time I see that toothless grin. I love that my morning wake-up call isn’t her cries anymore, but her little chatter and grunts! I don’t actually know how long that will last as I am going to start (slowly) transitioning her to the wonderful crib that the awesome Tony and Ashton bought and set up for her. I say slowly because I think that we are all starting to cherish getting some sleep at night nowadays. It’s funny how I seem to have blocked those first few weeks of sleeping an hour a night out of my mind…

I noticed recently that she’s losing her Moro reflex! That’s the cute startle reflex that is so absolutely adorable. Now when she is startled her eyes get bigger and she just stares. Equally adorable though! Now she spends nearly every waking minute shoving her hands in her mouth (as well as anything else she can get her hands on). She has also started to bat things and sometimes grab things too – like she grabbed hold of a piece of material on her play mat earlier and tried to use it to help her roll over (she gave up when it didn’t work).

Other things have happened this month, but probably deserve a post by themselves, so I will leave this one to be mainly photos and words about all the little things that my daughter does that I find so amazing. I just love love love this feeling of being so much in love with this little remarkable being who brings so much joy into our lives every day. I’m so excited for her grandma to see her again tomorrow – she hasn’t seen her since she was a week and a half old! Of course not everything is easy: Luna doesn’t really like to nap, she still wakes up every 2-3 hours at night, she prefers to be in my arms most of her waking hours and she screams a lot when she is overtired, but it all goes to show what a strong, feisty and funny girl she is – with bucket loads of character already!

The whole album for this month is on Flickr right here: Luna Marlena's Third Month