Ramblings: Luna Marlena's Seventh Month

This month's photos can be found HERE (the ones of Owen and Luna are courtesy of Gina who took them).

In terms of development this month has been the most active. Every time I turn around Luna is doing something new! I love seeing that expression on her face when she does something that she hasn’t done before, a little worried, a little surprised, a little confused. “How did I do that again?!” I feel like this month has actually been the longest, just because I feel like we have done a lot and accomplished so much too. It’s so amazing to see your little baby grow into a little person with so much personality! She was 19.5 lbs and 26.5 inches at her 6 month check up (big gir!), and has grown out of nearly all her clothes again – which in a way is a good thing as now we can just buy her winter clothes that will fit for a few months.

If you remember back when Luna was 4/5 months old I talked about a “4 month sleep regression” that everyone was talking about? Well no one mentions how big the 6 month growth spurt is! I suppose I should actually feel blessed that Luna never slept through the night as I don’t really miss what may have been. We did find ourselves a little rhythm a while back, but that’s been thrown up in the air these past few weeks. Every time Luna learns to do something new she “practices” in her sleep and wakes herself up. When she was tiny it was when she learnt how to flap her arms and would nearly propel herself out of her bed, then she got into the habit of kicking her legs, then rolling over back to front then front to back and all over the place, and now crawling, sitting up and pulling herself up onto her knees. She has woken me up a few times over the past few days by pulling herself up on me and waiting for my eyes to open. As Cesar said at 5am this morning “How can anyone get mad when they see that beautiful smile”?

The stroller has been semi-permanently put away into a corner as she started to hate it, completely out of the blue. This means that we only use the ergo, which is actually my preference in most instances, apart from when I need to go grocery shopping. I can’t tell you how many times we have been shopping and using the stroller as a shopping cart… While I am carrying Luna in the ergo. I guess it comes to some use at least! I do hope that once we get a winter cover for it she will agree to use it now and again, at least for running errands around Flushing. I can never really predict anything with her as it changes all the time!

So we started Luna on solid food! It’s been about 3 weeks now, and we finally got a high chair too. It’s actually wonderful for when I want to cook, as she just relaxes in the high chair with some chewy toys and watches me! As she’s had a history of being sensitive to certain foods I eat I wanted to make sure we were able to figure out any allergies immediately, so I started up a chart to track what foods have “passed” and what we need to try again another time. Her favourites so far have been avocado, banana, apple and green beans (that one surprised me). She literally spat the first spoonful of sweet potato out at me, and proceeded to have an allergic reaction to it (bright red cheeks that turn into eczema). I just made potato pancakes out of the rest of that and ate it myself… We will try it again next month, and stay off “orange” foods for a few weeks. She hated baby oatmeal too, until I mixed bananas in with it and now she will tolerate it. Squash has been a bit iffy, so I am shelving that one for a few weeks too and we will just try a few others. We will just continue to try different fruits and vegetables for the time being, add yogurt in a while and then just follow her lead. I think we will just keep her diet vegetarian for now… I always thought that I would let her make up her own mind if she wanted to forego meat and fish or not, but I don’t want to introduce it just yet.

At the beginning of last month Luna was rolling around like a pro, and then, all of a sudden, about three weeks ago she got up on her knees and started crawling. At the time she couldn’t really even sit up unassisted for more than 2 seconds, but she was crawling, mainly when Joey the cat was in the vicinity and she needed to chase after his tail. With that came the inevitable push-ups under the table (strange little activity there) and the sudden interest in cables and outlets, so we purchased what I fondly call the “prison”. It’s very large, colourful, takes up most of the space in the living room, is littered with cushions and toys and keeps Luna out of trouble (it’s also an easy way to babyproof for now). She has a love/hate relationship with it… There are moments she will play happily by herself in it, babbling away, and then others when she will whine if someone doesn’t join her in it. Baby prison. Anyway, I digress, so she likes to get up on her hands and knees and rock, and then lurch herself forward into a crawl. Exactly a week after that development I placed her in her prison, on her back, and she rolled over and sat up by herself. She’s still a little rocky, but after a couple of tumbles on her back, she now knows how to break her own falls and props herself up, or just rolls over and crawls. Luna’s friend Owen came over for a play date and showed her how he could pull himself up onto his feet… And the very next day she pulled herself up onto her knees, and now tries to stand (unsuccessfully, but who knows how long that will last…). I actually have a feeling she’s more interested in standing than crawling. She will do everything she wants in her own time, I don’t want to rush her :) It’s all going by too fast as it is!

Luna also met her Great Auntie Louise from England this month! She was in NYC for a week with her best friend, and it was so lovely to see her, and I am so glad she got to meet my daughter. Family is so important to me, even though I have lived so far away from my family for so long, it’s still important to make the most of moments like this. Luna now has her first teddy bear courtesy of my aunt, Beeby Bear (named for my Nana who is no longer with us), who she loves to cuddle. I still have my childhood teddy bear monkey, Bogey, who I hope to give to Luna too. He’s still in great shape despite being in his 30’s!

And the most wonderful part of all this is to see how Luna’s little personality is blossoming in such an amazing way. She gets a little nervous nowadays when I hand her over to someone, needs a little time to get used to them, but she is all smiles and happy gestures most of the time with people. She already liked to entertain and loves to hear us clapping when she does something adorable. The teething part has been very trying on all of us though, I know that they are going to come out at some point, but for the past week she has really been suffering and I hate that. I just want them to come out painlessly!

We’ve been around the East Village and LES quite a few times, visiting friends and old colleagues and work places, around Midtown, around Corona and Flushing, and also to Harlem to Ebedet and Xavier. We celebrated Halloween and the Day of the Dead, and went out to eat quite a few times at our local favourite spots (and Taqueria). Luna is a little charmer and likes to smile and sing whenever we are out, which always makes it a pleasure to take her places, the subway, restaurants and shops. This coming month we will start thinking of Thanksgiving and then Christmas, and also hopefully a visit from my Mum, a real holiday for her, not a working visit. And hopefully we may then even have our first date night! Just a quiet dinner somewhere together for a few hours. Oh, and Interpol later this month! My first show since Spiritualized last year, when I was pregnant but not yet showing. And while Luna is singing to her stacking toy and hitting it on the ground I shall try to post this with some photos. It may take me until tomorrow though :)

(Also: teething really, really sucks).