Ramblings: Luna Marlena's Sixth Month

The full set of this month's photos can be found right HERE.

We made it to Luna’s half birthday all in one piece! It’s been a complete whirlwind of a half year, but we are already here and ready to see what the next six months have to bring us! Six months ago today I was in the hospital with Cesar and Luna, feeling so fragile and emotional, cuddling my daughter who two days before had still been kicking me in my ribs and keeping me up all night. I still recall how surreal it all was, how vulnerable I felt, but so powerful at the same time. People told me not to worry if I didn’t immediately bond with my daughter, it sometimes doesn’t happen right away, but there was none of that with Luna… From her very first cry (while she was still being born) I felt this immense wave of absolute love that hasn’t left me since (and obviously never will). As good as I can sometimes be with words; there really is nothing that can accurately explain how this love is. It’s just there. Overwhelming. Complete. Everlasting.

No fun mashed food all over her face pictures yet… Those will be in next month’s update. We are finally going to start next week (when we get the high chair). I have a few avocadoes that we will puree with some breast milk and we will start from there. We are going to do the four day rule, but probably extend it to a week. The same food once a day for a week and then move on to something else. Once we have been through all of the first foods and make sure there are no allergic reactions we will expand. We are going to skip cereal for now as from my research there are no real nutritional values to add, apart from the iron, and I think that she will get enough of that through iron-rich foods. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 18 years now and my iron levels have always been fine, even through pregnancy (apart from a time in my late teens). I think there is a blood draw at 9 months to check iron levels anyway, so we will be able to check then. I have to admit – I’m nervous about this next step! It has been so easy these past 6 months, Luna’s food has always come from me, and I didn’t have to worry about the amount, the warmth, about it going off… Now it’s time to start putting down the foundations to ensure a happy and healthy baby and child, and to ensure that food will always be fun and nutritious. Oh and the choking risk worries me too. Argh. Hence the importance of waiting at least 6 months until I knew she was really, really ready.

I used to look at the Wonder Weeks chart to see when the next growth spurt or “leap” was meant to happen. I feel like Luna has just been through one long 6 month growth spurt to be honest. But she recently grew a lot more in length, and she’s so active that she’s probably burning calories now. She’s definitely heavier, but we will get the exact numbers next week at her 6 month appointment. I’m thinking about 27 inches and probably just under 20 lbs. A big girl. And does she move! Her rolling skills are now on the professional level, she does it with such ease and with rapidity that we actually can’t leave her alone on the floor anymore. She also does this swimming-army crawl movement which is great for cleaning the hardwood floors (I’m kidding). She just recently started to move her knees up too, so I’m assuming that crawling isn’t too far on the horizon, although she may well just decide that she prefers to slide on her tummy for the time being. She can now sit fine when she has a cushion behind her, without falling sideways, but only for a few seconds completely unassisted. I think back to those moments when she used to HATE being put down on her tummy – now she prefers it!

This is the time when it really, really starts to get fun. The spontaneous smiles, the peals of laughter at a silly face or noise, the attempt at kisses (very slobbery) and the cuddles. All that coupled with a continuous stream of lalalalladadadadadamamamagagagaLA all day long (as well as the high pitched squeals of delight at hearing herself make a high pitched squeal sound). Oh, and the wonderful faces she makes as soon as I turn the camera lens towards her – she knows exactly what to do as soon as she sees it. It’s amazing!

Now it’s time for us to fit some kind of break in for me. After 6 months I probably should take a few hours and do something alone… I walked to the grocery store by myself on Wednesday and found myself smiling at ladies with strollers and babies and realised that I wasn’t carrying a baby myself and probably looked like a weirdo. That’s when it dawned on me that it’s maybe been a little too long that I actually did anything alone! We both have some sort of separation anxiety I think, normal, but I do need to give myself a break some time. I guess it is only healthy. I now that we have her using a trainer sippy cup (yes, insert swearword you doctor – she took to it the first time), it will be easier. So let’s see how that goes…

I love autumn and I am so glad that the second half of Luna’s first year is during autumn and winter. I love all of the holidays during these seasons and we are all so excited to start our own family holiday traditions together. Halloween and the Dia de los Muertos are the closest ones. I can’t wait!!! Luna has already been to the farmer’s market in her skeleton outfit, so expect a lot more fun pictures before the end of the month!

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